Blogging All Summer Long Challenge


Summer brings so many distractions that we tend to put blogging on the back burner. Before we know it summer is over and we realize we have blogged only a handful of times, if we bothered to blog at all. At that point it is like starting completely over again and takes more motivation than ever.

Why not make a commitment to not allow that to happen this summer?

Trying to keep our blogging activities on track by ourselves can be very frustrating, but if we make a commitment together, I truly believe we will see stronger results simply by being accountable to others.

My personal commitment is to blog daily during the week, spread out over a couple of blogs. I would also like to add a few weekends in there.

So, what do you say?

What blogging schedule are you willing to commit to for the summer?

Why not get started today? ๐Ÿ™‚

J. Cricket Walker ofย

  1. ShellieShellie06-02-2011

    Well, with 2 hours of swim team practice to watch every day, I’m thinking this might be a great time to consistently blog and create articles. I’m putting the finishing touches on a blog article on Summer parties that I wrote today. Next blog …. poolside parties? I think summer and kids sports is a perfect combination for blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Blogging every day? ….. Sounds like the challenge is on and I’m game! (And why haven’t I been to this blog sooner?) Thanks for the FB link, Cricket!

  2. S. EmersonS. Emerson06-03-2011

    Every day? All summer?

    Have enough trouble keeping up with the 30 Day Challenges! (pout)

    Ok, will give this another go.

    Are there prizes this time?

  3. ShellieShellie06-16-2011

    Well, shooting for a post every day has definitely raised the bar and while I may not be actually able to do a blog a day, I’ve written more than I have in ages and just checked to see that I’m now #5 for on google (from a previous 3rd page ranking) for a product I highlighted in a blog just a couple of days ago – and #1 for that specific item… the 4 sites above me are for a different industry. Wow – all for a 15 minute project. I have to go get blogging!!

  4. Robert WengerRobert Wenger06-26-2011

    As a student, my blogging always picks up during the summer because I have less to do than when I’m actually attending school.

  5. Of course Summer is a busy period for everyone. I dont blog much during this time because I spend more time outdoors. I know I will not have much time during this time so I schedule all my posts. But I take care. I only post content with happy themes because that is the time people are are just happy and do not want to learn about negative things like Google Penalty or Reasons for low online sales.

  6. M.-J. TaylorM.-J. Taylor07-10-2011

    I’m jumping in! I just installed a blog on my old, static site and I came looking for a challenge to motivate me! I’m going to commit to a four posts a week AND one new hook, plugin or upgrade every day. I installed Thesis and I have a lot to learn. I will try and share about whatever I do to the blog every day.

    • CricketCricket07-10-2011

      I look forward to following your new blog!

  7. Amber KillmonAmber Killmon08-05-2011

    I’ve neglected many things in my blogging aspirations this Summer lol. I just started 4 months ago – so I’m trying to build up the content and get side tracked reading other blogs, watching trends and trying to figure out all the how-to’s out there. It’s busy work!

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