Will I Ever Write Again?


What happens during those terrifying moments when you realize that you have absolutely nothing left to write about on your blog?

Do you abandon everything and remind yourself that is exactly why you never wanted to start blogging to begin with? Do you panic? Or, are you one of those who sit there staring at the monitor praying that an idea will come to you out of thin air?

Step One – The Writing Block Begins

This is where I usually cuss myself (paying the cuss jar accordingly) for not writing down the 752 ideas that swamped my brain the previous week because now I cannot remember even one of them. Every single time, I promise myself I won’t do this again, until the next time…

Step Two – You Start Getting Worried

If I have stared at the empty screen long enough, I begin to worry that maybe this will be the time that I really don’t come up with anything. It doesn’t matter that I survive this stage at least once a week, because there is still that chance that this will REALLY BE that time. As soon as I take a deep breath (and make more coffee) I start browsing the V7N Forums to look for questions I haven’t already answered 3,426 times before.

Often times this will trigger my brain into coming up with something in a hurry. Other times, as I pour even another cup of coffee, I move on to step three of my panic process.

Step Three – Will I Ever Write Again?

The fear is starting to settle deep inside when I find myself roaming the halls of Google News, praying for something to jump out at me, and when it doesn’t I start adding special search queries to the news because I am certain that SOMEONE has written something that day that will at least tickle my brain.

If it happens to be a day that it looks like the entire world is busy talking about who is cheating on whom, and who will never work in Hollywood again, I feel my heart start to sink. Will I ever write again?

Step Four – This Is Getting Desperate

I accept the fact that I am brain dead and beg my friends to give me some ideas. They usually come up with something that requires way more energy than I have at the moment, or they send me off in a direction that is sure to make me drag my favorite soap box out for a well-timed rant.

Unfortunately, during those times that I am really stuck, absolutely NUFFIN is going to trigger so much as a tickle to the writing part of my brain.

Step Five – When All Else Fails

Sometimes, ya just have to accept that it just isn’t going to happen today. If you have already tried walking away for a bit, listening to some music, and making a fresh pot of coffee, it may be time for the last resort.

Write about what you do when you don’t have a clue what to write about. ๐Ÿ˜‰

J. Cricket Walker ofย CricketWalker.com

  1. DerekDerek05-19-2011

    On the weekends i know i have to write a blog post and know i should of looked for ideas during the week but i got caught up on other stuff online. So, the time comes to write a blog post because i have few hours of nothing to do and just look at the blank post in my admin panel thinking. Nothing comes to mind and i search online for idea’s but nothing jumps out at me that i would be interested in writing about. I actually get upset that no idea’s are coming to mind and you can’t make idea’s pop into your head all the time.

    So, i just go surf the internet and by the next day a light bulb comes on. Why does my light bulb stay off for 6 days when it comes to blog ideas? Few months ago, i was cranking out blog posts and spending hours on researching material. Now i’m like :”duh” which way did he go george?

    Eventually i’ll find my groove and not waste hours in front of a blank screen wondering what to write about that i would be very into. I can’t write about something if i’m not 100% into it.

    • CricketCricket05-19-2011

      That is my biggest issue too! Since I write from my heart, it has to be something that truly matters to me. That makes it difficult to write on demand. I really do need to start writing my ideas down in a notebook as I get them.

  2. DerekDerek05-19-2011

    I used to put some ideas down on sticky notes and got out of that habit. Sometimes we have to much offline stuff going on and tend to lose our mojo online. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. TiggeritoTiggerito05-20-2011

    I’m going to write about the time someone wrote about not being able to think of anything to write about, and found that to be something to write about.

  4. Stephen KingStephen King05-20-2011

    Boy, you and I both went for the last resort, didn’t we? ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s OK, though…it’s a gorgeous day today, full of wonder and beauty and stuff to write about.

  5. DerekDerek05-21-2011

    Speaking of nothing to write about, i am in the mindset this weekend. lol

    I cheated and changed the post date on a blog post i wrote earlier this month. (I cheated this weekend!)

  6. JustinJustin05-25-2011

    What I like to do is go out to similar blogs and see what they are writing about

  7. Sue DarbySue Darby09-10-2011

    I have a notebook for ideas, online files of ideas and a tablet with lists of ideas and even some starts of stuff…. I just never seem to get around to finishing any one idea lately. Ok I flat out procrastinate on the blogs constantly. I do have ideas they are just too scattered and unfocused.

  8. Chris HamiltonChris Hamilton12-31-2012

    Part of it is trusting yourself to come up with something. I’ve been writing the FWA blog with new content almost every day for four years (this coming April). After a while, if you write regularly, you’ll figure something out. When I get down to three or four posts in the can, some panic sets in. But I’ve been through it before, and I know I will find something to write about, even if it’s just writer’s block.

    For me, and your mileage may vary, it’s a matter of letting the writing come to me. If I pursue it and try to force a post, it doesn’t happen. If I sit back and just read some things, or look at writery places, something will come. It has every time so far. But that’s after a few years of publishing daily.

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