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Balancing Work and Pleasure Online

Balancing Work and Pleasure Online In the early days of the internet, I balanced work and pleasure by chatting a couple of hours a day on IRC and reading books in the rest of my free time. It was a great balance between learning and socializing. But I was in school then, and the internet was a lot simpler. Nowadays, …

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Validate Backlinks To Your Site

Validate a backlink to your website Most of the time, if you’re in the link exchange business you’ll need a way to check for your backlinks. You can either use a software for that or a script you have implemented or found over the internet. Today I’ll show you another way of checking a backlink, the simple way I’d say. …

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Word Of Mouth Advertising

  When it works the way it is supposed to, social networking is really just word of mouth advertising on steroids. (Thanks for that analogy Muddy!) A friend mentioned an old cowboy on Facebook who is a western & wildlife artist. Of course this captured my attention in a heartbeat so I wandered over to check out the profile, where …

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SEO Is Not Enough

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons It’s always been clear that SEO is not enough. No matter how highly you rank for your target keywords, if people don’t do what you want them to do (i.e. buy something, join your mailing list, or share a link) then your site has failed. With Google’s recent Farmer update, it’s become especially clear that SEO …

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HTML5 As I see It

HTML5 – The Truth Behind It As I See It HTML5. It’s just a name, but a name that cought. Probably we needed something new to the internet world, so here it is, the new HTML5! If you didn’t know, HTML5 is just a new standard we can use to create web pages, just like the HTML or XHTML is. …

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