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A discussion started by David Jackson over on the V7N (Internet Marketing: Should You Use Your Picture?) got me to thinking about how often I see comments on blog posts that to not include a picture.

For me, it seems to take some credibility away from the comment.

More importantly, it can cause people to lose out on a good chance to interact with others in a positive way. Often when people see a good comment on a blog post, they are known to click through to the site of the person commenting. Those with a picture just seem to stand out more.

Knowing that, I am curious what keeps people from using an avatar that helps readers recognize and associate comments with them or their business throughout their industry? Unless you are leaving the type of comments you don’t want associated with you (in which case I am assuming you didn’t include a link to your site) why not take a moment to take the steps necessary to quickly and easily add a picture to every comment you make?

Have you been wondering how you get your picture to show up?

For the benefit of those of you who don’t know how to add an image to be used with your blog comments, the most common way I have seen is to set up a free account with How much will it help?

I don’t have a clue, but I do know that you have nothing to lose beyond a few minutes of time and it might make a difference for you.

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  1. Bob BarrettBob Barrett02-26-2011

    That’s a good question – I’ve seen spots that say something about an avatar and I thought I set one up but it never seems to appear when I post on things (wordpress). I’ll visit and try it that way! Thanks!

  2. CricketCricket02-26-2011

    The images are associated with which email address you use when posting your comment. Of course this will not work for EVERY blog on the net, but a huge percentage of them do use this option on their blogs.

  3. S EmersonS Emerson02-26-2011

    The trick is remembering what email address you have associated with (wink)

  4. KaiKai02-27-2011

    I don’t like it but I gave a gravatar account and several pictures attached to different addresses. But intook a long time even tonpost photos on facebook etc.
    In my case I took a while because I’ve always hated how I look, and was beaten and bullied by other children because I had red hair – makes me recitient to put myself ‘out there’ as it were. Despite having been online since soaking into bb board days, it’s only in recent years that I’ve started using pics of me. There is *one * on Livejournal that presages even my facebook account and one on Ryze from when I was active there and that’s about it. And the Ryze one is post meeting my fiancee – pre meeting him it was always cartoons, artwork or a fractal….

  5. KaiKai02-27-2011

    And ironically, my picture isn’t showing up….sigh. I R dumb. Bet I spelled my email address wrong on my phone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. CricketCricket02-28-2011

    Sometimes it takes a bit to update. I see your picture there now. BTW I think you are stunningly beautiful exactly the way you are!

  7. Jackie E-SJackie E-S02-28-2011

    I stumbled across early in Cricket’s 30-day challenge last month. I immediately set up my account and have been using it since. When reading time is short, I do myself tend to read comments with avatars first before those with ‘ghosts’.

    The comments on having multiple mail addresses for posting blog comments is interesting. I have always just used one email address for my business. I guess many of you have multiple businesses.

  8. LauraLaura03-09-2011

    I learned this on the last blogging challenge and was going to offer it as a suggestion when you asked for ideas but thought maybe it wasn’t a “techie” topic. So happy you covered it again. I was thrilled to get a personality and not look so anonymous.

  9. Lora PhillippiLora Phillippi03-09-2011

    I was indeed wondering how to do this. I put a picture on my profile but since it wasn’t showing up on posts, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I’m going to go check out now before I post my blog for today!

  10. LauraLaura03-10-2011

    . . . . . long story but let it be known that I learn so much here. Thank you.

  11. Peg CherrePeg Cherre03-10-2011

    OK! I just went and did it. I didn’t have any of the difficulties some other commenters did. Can’t wait to see it when I click SUBMIT COMMENT!

  12. CricketCricket03-10-2011

    I see you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. JerrickJerrick05-04-2011

    i prefer to use picture for blog comment.
    For personal i would not use my picture to keep privacy.
    If for business use, then that is a must because you can put a banner or logo on your picture to create awareness.

  14. The comments on having multiple mail addresses for posting blog comments is interesting. everyone will learn so much here. Thank you.

  15. J. HarperJ. Harper09-11-2011

    It is a good thing to use Gravatar or any any other similar service which allows your photo or business logo to show up when you post a comment, this makes the comment more attractive and also gives your comment a personality which is unique to you.

  16. J Brett AbbeyJ Brett Abbey10-05-2011

    Thank you for the help in how to add a photo to my comment. I’m hoping it will work. Shall we see?

  17. J Brett AbbeyJ Brett Abbey10-05-2011

    It worked! This is a GREAT country! Thank you …

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