Looking For Shortcuts


I once asked a respected friend, someone very successful within their field, if they would help me out with some ideas for shortcuts to quickly and easily complete a specific task. He slowly shook he head at me, as if he was disappointed with my question and asked me if I knew the definition of a shortcut.

I looked at him dumbfounded, afraid to tell him that I wasn’t a total fool, that shortcuts were simply faster and easier ways to get to the same destination. I knew a lesson in life was about to come my way though, and wisely I kept my mouth shut. He then told me that if I wanted to find the longest possible route between two destinations, go ahead and keep looking for shortcuts.

We have heard it a million times. Business and life really aren’t all about the destination, they are about the journey itself. Even when traveling, one direction may seemingly be shorter in miles, but heavy traffic and detours, may turn it into the longest possible route.

When it comes to your business, instead of looking for quick and easy, why not look for the right ways to build your online presence?

Which is the best SEO method to use?

The best method? You are never going to find ONE answer, just as puzzles are never made of just one piece. When you are putting a jigsaw puzzle together, it isn’t until you have assembled many of the pieces that you begin to see the picture emerge. It is like asking which is more important, heading tags or alt attributes. The answer is neither is more important, they are simply pieces of the puzzle.

If you are serious about learning solid SEO techniques, take some time to first learn the basics, and move on from there, one step at a time. Visit the V7N to learn something new every day in our SEO Tip of the Day. The information there is invaluable!

Which browser is the best for SEO?

Are you kidding me? How could this possibly matter when it comes to SEO? When it comes to browsers, use the one you are most comfortable using, one with the plugins that will help you do the job.

When it comes to web design though, that is another matter. It is my personal opinion that you should have at least the major browsers downloaded so that you are able to check that the site does not break for others. Just because it looks great in Internet Explorer, doesn’t mean it will work in Firefox. You can help this process by using valid code.

Which is more important, links or content?

In my humble opinion, when it comes to building a successful site, neither of these methods is more important, you need them both. All the links in the world are not going to do a lot of good if your site does not provide what your target audience is looking for. Yes, quality content often leads to natural links, but you still have to get people to your site first for them to even see how great your product or service is. “Build it and they will come” just isn’t something that often happens in real life.

What is the best backlinking method?

Once again, there is no BEST method. Although you should certainly avoid blackhat methods, you will want to use a variety of techniques. Keeping all of your eggs in one basket (using one method) is a good way to find yourself crashing in the search results when the algorithms change diluting the method you use. Take the time to learn a variety of link building tips.

Which social networking site is best, Facebook, Twitter, forums, or blogs?

Why does it always have to be one or the other? All types of social networking sites can help you, provided you use them in a manner that doesn’t simply spams your site. I have said it a thousand times, and I will likely say it a thousand times more. In everything that you do, remember this old John C. Maxwell quote. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

What is the best way to start an online business?

My answer to this question will never change. It was the best advice I have ever received. Find something you are passionate about, something you absolutely love doing, then find a way to make a living doing it.

As always, if what you are doing is working and you are happy with your results, don’t even think of making any changes. If however you are finding yourself in a position of running in circles finding ways to make it all work while you search for shortcuts, perhaps it is time to start from the beginning and learn the right way to do things.

Just my 2 cents…

J. Cricket Walker of CricketWalker.com

  1. Keith CashKeith Cash02-24-2011

    Nice post. I have spent years, testing what works and what does not.

    From your post: Once again, there is no BEST method. This is true about the whole post. Sometimes it works and other times it does not, even if you do the same thing for all sites. Sometimes is the web surfers that make the difference.

    The love doing it and passion are key ingredients on running an online business.

  2. Bob BarrettBob Barrett02-24-2011

    Fabulous article! More information in this one place than one could hope for. Short, sweet, to the point – and answers alot!
    Thanks Cricket!

  3. Theresa A MesaTheresa A Mesa02-24-2011

    As always, wonderful advice. I wish more people cared about this!

  4. SarahFSarahF02-24-2011

    Fantastic advice! I agree, too often people get into online businesses thinking it must be easy if they just had the right shortcuts, but you’re right, shortcuts just make for longer, less successful journey.

  5. CricketCricket02-24-2011

    Thank you for your wonderful responses. It always makes me feel better to know someone is out there! Y’all are the best!

  6. Carla MooreCarla Moore02-24-2011

    Very, very good article. There is no substitute for hard work and if you are going to make it on-line, you have to be willing to put in the time. No short-cuts. Not to say that once you have learned how to do something, the right way, it can be done faster the next time, then faster the next, till you can do it with your eyes closed.

  7. Jim SandersJim Sanders02-24-2011

    It’s ironic that you post this Cricket, as you already know, my book covers some of this stuff already, as I continue to write it, I’m adding more. The whole problem comes with the uniqueness of every business and the strengths and weaknesses of those running them. One thing that works for one, may not work for the other, and as at least one other poster mentioned, things that work once don’t always either.

    Not only does the “quickest” way lead to potential bottlenecks from your traffic parable, but they also deprive us of valuable learning experience as well. What I find being the paramount problems in our V7N forums is that those asking such questions fail to use even the most basic of tools helping them learn, and the tool I speak of is analytics.

    All in all, a very good post, and I hope more people from our forums wonder into this one. Moreover, I hope it finally sinks in for all of the “get rich quick” hype zealots thinking internet riches happen over night, in our sleep, with little effort. It’s just not the way things work, and people miss out so much from choosing to believe such absurdities.

  8. S EmersonS Emerson02-24-2011

    It amazes me how much time people spend on looking for short cuts. All the link building and social networking stuff isn’t going to do a lick of good if you do these things in the wrong places (your target audience is not there) and your site doesn’t the kind of content your target audience is looking for.

    People forget about the snowball effect of providing a good site to start with. The links and your popularity will come with time.

  9. Teddy WolcottTeddy Wolcott02-24-2011

    Every time I take a shortcut it takes more time. The best shortcut I think we could all take is to read the directions carefully. That is my biggest downfall. I take the “shortcut” of not reading carefully thus going the long way around.

  10. Joyce ReidJoyce Reid02-24-2011

    Well said, Cricket! In my industry, I see people everyday who want to have a successful online business but aren’t willing to put in the time it takes to learn how to do it right and then to actually do it. There are no shortcuts to business success — just hard work! Rock on, lady! You are appreciated!

  11. Amy SueAmy Sue02-24-2011

    I tell my kids “do it right or do it twice” and taking shortcuts usually isn’t the way to do it right.

    I hope they learn early…

  12. CricketCricket02-24-2011

    @Jim Sanders: This is something I have been teaching since about 2003. It is simply a synopsis of several of my articles. 🙂

    @Everyone Else: Human nature makes us search for shortcuts, the easy answer. It is something we have to fight against constantly. Perhaps it is a world filled with the need for instant gratification or maybe it’s following the American Dream looking to design a better mousetrap….

  13. JerrickJerrick05-04-2011

    Usually there are no shortcut ,
    Unless you follow the right way. You did the right methods for SEO.
    Then it the faster methods to see the result other than black SEO.

  14. Akash KumarAkash Kumar07-03-2012

    Well shortcuts in SEO are blackhat mostly and they do not pay well in the long term.

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