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V7N Blog Challenge With A Twist

A week or so after our previous blog challenge, many of those participating (myself included) found out pretty quickly how much each of us really need someone to be accountable to in order to keep ourselves on track with posting to our blogs on a regular basis. Even with all the improvements we saw from our blog stats, and the …

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Your Picture On Blog Comments

A discussion started by David Jackson over on the V7N (Internet Marketing: Should You Use Your Picture?) got me to thinking about how often I see comments on blog posts that to not include a picture. For me, it seems to take some credibility away from the comment. More importantly, it can cause people to lose out on a good …

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Looking For Shortcuts

I once asked a respected friend, someone very successful within their field, if they would help me out with some ideas for shortcuts to quickly and easily complete a specific task. He slowly shook he head at me, as if he was disappointed with my question and asked me if I knew the definition of a shortcut. I looked at …

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Life Isn’t Always Fair

We all have moments when we need to vent or whine about all the things in life that drive us crazy. It happens; it just is what it is. But there comes a time when we need to stop and think about what it is we’re on our soapbox about. Is it something we can change? If so, then we …

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Google Chrome Extension Blocks Sites

“We’ve been exploring different algorithms to detect content farms, which are sites with shallow or low-quality content. One of the signals we’re exploring is explicit feedback from users. To that end, today we’re launching an early, experimental Chrome extension so people can block sites from their web search results. If installed, the extension also sends blocked site information to Google, …

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