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There are many levels to the word “webmaster” and most everyone reading this knows that. In short it’s from the newbie who’s just starting out to the gurus who already make money in their sleep. There are many people that create websites for clients, host them and even manage the domain. Most all of the customers have websites created by that person or small startup company.

In the beginning it’s all about sales and making customers happy. That’s what having your own company is all about right? Ok, so if the company was not web design for a moment. The new business is a lawn care company. Now you have your first quarter of business behind you and things are moving pretty good. You place more signs, make a site and now you’re getting a few new customers. Pretty soon you’re busy as heck and equipment breaking down; something’s getting put off till next week or so.

Now the ball is rolling in two directions, positive and negative as in the mind set, of the clients knowing that something was not done right. So, they live with it, neighbors see it and you know what someone takes a photo and makes fun of it. In other words it does not go unnoticed.

So why is that so important? Because everything you do when it comes to making your own website or your clients website has got to be done 100% perfect regardless of what it’s for. What is perfect? I can think of a couple of websites that came into my mind years ago. Funny how I ran into the site again a while back and remembered it all the sudden but check this site out (Custom Red Widgets) the site has not been updated in years and it’s number one.

Why? Cause she did her homework. Tried many things that failed as we all do and I’m speaking openly here. Nobody is perfect so what’s the big deal? Well if you go around making websites with your blinders on you get what you get and so does your client.

My point is if you’re going to either spend money hiring a designer or doing it yourself. Stay focused, educate yourself and keep up with the ongoing trends. Most importantly create a Project Scope and modify it as the ideas flow. If you’re not aware of just how much time you’ll need to commit to making the website return on investment you’re not ready to do this just yet. If you’re expecting results from your site or if your client is expecting the phone to ring the moment the site is live. Then everyone is off base and it’s time to huddle up!

I wrote this in just a few minutes. I did this as most visitors take less than 15 sec’s to judge your website. So, how about it? Did I get your attention? Did you want to learn more? Would you have watched a demo video? Or perhaps purchase an ebook to get the rest of the scoop?

Well, I’d be happy to sell you one but that’s not why I wrote this article. I wrote it to share my thoughts and my past experiences with working with clients on the web in general as a customer and a supplier, designer and consultant. You name it I’ve got the hat on the door hanging waiting to switch to the next topic.

Best of luck to everyone and Happy Holidays!

Scott “Snerdey” Lawrence
Founder –

  1. CricketCricket12-14-2010

    LOL! You would have to bring up the fact that I have not updated that blog in years, huh? (grin)

    Seriously, you did a beautiful job on this article. I may have to beg ya to do some other guest blogging for me!

  2. SnerdeySnerdey12-14-2010

    Thank you very much!. It was my pleasure so no begging required here. I’d be happy to come up with some other unique ways to share different views on topics.

    As for bringing up the years part, well does not seem to be such a bad thing. Don’t fix what’s not broke right .. you’re still number one 🙂

  3. DerekDerek12-15-2010

    Very good blog post Scott. I hope to see more blog posts in the future.

  4. WesWes12-15-2010

    Hey Scott,
    I agree:

    If you’re going to either spend money hiring a designer or doing it yourself. Stay focused, educate yourself and keep up with the ongoing trends.

    This is more important than ever, because the competition is tough and it’s a lot harder to just wing-it online than it used to be.

  5. S EmersonS Emerson12-15-2010

    Hi Scott,
    Good job!

    Doing your homework is so important and a step quite often business owners skip when they jump into getting a website done (or doing it themselves). There is so much information one can get from the planning stage like keywords, where to advertise, which social networks to join, etc. All this information about your target audience from the planning stage will be sooo useful as you progress with the development of the website and later when you come to get your name out there.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  6. swedalswedal12-15-2010

    Nice post for just a few minutes work. Pointing out that success comes with taking the time to do things the right way is a powerful message. Something that can’t be overlooked. 🙂

  7. DocSheldonDocSheldon12-16-2010

    Good post, Scott! Learning and planning will trump corrective action every time! Some folks get impatient, and it ends up costing them in the long run.

  8. SnerdeySnerdey12-16-2010

    Thank you all for those wonderful comments. Pretty much everything I’ll write will be within a few minutes as I have a lifetime of mistakes to recall from 😉

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  9. MuddyMuddy12-16-2010

    Nice piece Scott.

    “Stay focused, educate yourself and keep up with the ongoing trends.”

    Good advice. All three are things I need to work on.

  10. SnerdeySnerdey12-16-2010

    Thanks Mud, I thinking that just about everyone has so many plates spinning it’s easy to get out of focus.

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