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When it comes to marketing, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to be slapped with a spammer label. On Twitter, It’s even easier to be labeled a spammer by crossing that invisible spam line. So how do you Market your blog/site or product and still get away with heavy, aggressive Twitter marketing? With great difficulty, that’s how…unless of course you happen to be reading this article, in which case, I, the Marketing Superhero will help you, the Twitter Marketing Nooblet!

First thing is first, if you’re going to spam market aggressively, then at least do it right! Consider grabbing two Twitter accounts so that you can do a bit of separation between you and your blog/site. Use one for your everyday  “I’m in the shower singing hit me baby one more time” tweets and the other, say, have it relay your latest blog posts, titles and links in each tweet. You could even relay your best posts via your personal twitter account too. But this way, your readers, those that want to communicate with you won’t feel YOU are spamming them. While your site’s twitter account will be aggressively posting links, your personal account will be socializing, and people that follow either will know this.

Now, if you’re going to use the same account, the key to getting the most of it is to balance the personal tweet to link tweet ratio. People on twitter will tolerate say, 2 or 3 tweets marketing your blog if you tweet an average of 20 or so tweets a day. But if all you tweet is a few times a week and they’re all links, you’ll never be followed, and in fact you’ll more than likely lose that following. A good ratio of about 10-15 non-marketing tweets for every 2-3 marketing tweets you make. If you’re worried you’re not tweeting enough, @ reply people who follow you, an added bonus is when they reply, their followers might spot your twitter name and check you out and possibly follow you out of interest.

Two other important marketing points to keep in mind on Twitter are:

  • Your Twitter Headlines
  • Breaking News Tweets

If you’re hell bent on sending out a link to your blog posts via Twitter, at least make the effort to give it a killer headline. Make sure it still works in the 140 character count once you have the URL in there too. Most people ignore this and just tweet a bit of random banter from the first line of their blog post followed by a link, or just the title of the post. Sometimes that is not enough! If your twitter to blog post feed repeats your blogs name in each tweet that links to new posts, cut out the name. That’s taking space that could be better used to tailor attention grabbing titles! As for breaking news, who doesn’t like to be the first to know about something, or to be alerted of new updates etc? If you can, it would help you even more to post some breaking news related to your industry, that’s one of the ways of becoming an industry expert in your niche!

There are many other little tips and tricks I may discuss further in the future, like how to effectively ReTweet and gain followers by doing so, how to tweet your dig/stumbleupon/sphinn links and gain a following through that, and way to build an active follower base that makes you a more successful tweeter! 🙂

If you have any twitter related questions, want to discus online marketing further, or just need someone to flirt with on Twitter, then feel free to follow me @guyiam …I’m worth it! Oh and while you’re at it, don’t forget to follow @v7n too!

Guy Roman

  1. GeorgeGeorge08-13-2010

    Nice tips Guy! I have 479 followers till date and I keep watching the tweets and if found spam tweets, immediately I un-follow them.

  2. NinewestNinewest08-13-2010

    I currently have hundreds of spam followers. I don’t understand what’s the benefit? Do they think I will follow them in return ?

  3. Brad CBrad C08-13-2010

    good read! Your message is clear and easy to follow (unintentional pun). What do you recommend for following those that follow you and also for people you follow who are not following you back? Unfollow, follow, or flee?!

  4. josephjoseph08-13-2010

    Great tips! So, um, don’t make every tweet a pitch for my site. Mix it up a bit!

  5. GuyGuy08-13-2010

    @George – Good plan. Keep in mind, even we, those who don’t try and spam, sometimes tweet off a couple tweets with links etc, that may to a stranger seem like shameless self promotion/marketing etc. So before unfollowing or blocking, take a look at their twitter timeline and have a look. If they have over 5 or so spammy tweets on the first page (out of 20) then it’s safe to say that almost 1/4-1/2 of their tweets are spammy.

    @Ninewest – Yeah, many do follow in hopes of you following back, only to DM spam you or @ tweet you. Many will mass follow, wait 24-48hours then unfollow all those that didnt follow back. They repeat this process to increase their follower count. Just another twitter marketing tactic really.

    @Brad C – Hey brad, there’s the thing. A few of my product related accounts have 10-20 and some 30+ thousand followers, where those accounts follow very few back, that’s because those following me have either purchased my products or are interested in them. I don’t feel the need to follow anyone back on those to be honest as I rarely use them unless updating clients/potential clients.

    With my personal account, it’s a dif case. I’ll follow those I have had a twitter convo with in the past, doesn’t matter how many. For those I like to keep tabs on and follow on a daily basis or tweet with regularly, then I use Twitter lists. I have a few lists and they help a ton!

    My first account on twitter was back in early 2007, back then, twitter etiquette was believed to be, follow back those that follow you. Ha, no way am i following back those porn bots now if you get what i mean. Follow who you think is worth following. As for those you follow that don’t follow you back, if you find their tweets to be annoying or pointless and boring, unfollow them, but just because they don’t reciprocate a follow, doesn’t mean you should unfollow imo.

    @joseph – absolutely, people are more willing to listen if you have something ‘different’ to tweet about. And don’t forget, socialize, tweet people back, mingle. Build those relationships and contacts 🙂

    Additional note to all:
    Twitter is great because, unlike facebook and other social networks, it’s not a 2 way thing. You don’t friend each other. You can follow someone because they’re interesting and they have quality tweets, and it shouldn’t be expected they’ll follow back. It’s not a follower # contest. Popularity is not measured by how many follow you, success in twitter marketing isn’t determined by how many follow you. It’s all about the quality of your followers, whether they’re likely to click on your links, find you interesting, buy what you’re selling. A small targeted following is a million times more valuable than 40,000 autofollow bot accounts following you 🙂

  6. RoyRoy09-14-2010

    Great advice about creating separations between personal and business accounts .. I’d further suggest making your twitter account(s) as targeted as possible and stay on target .. you’ll attract and keep your best followers this way

  7. izleizle09-15-2010

    I have 479 followers till date and I keep watching the tweets and if found spam tweets, immediately I un-follow them.

  8. Companies IndiaCompanies India09-23-2010

    Lots of Seo guys join as a followers but I think no use of these guys in following list. IS there any solution for that?

  9. vibe web designvibe web design09-27-2010

    Nice tips Guy! I have 479 followers till date and I keep watching the tweets and if found spam tweets, immediately I un-follow them.

  10. RoshanRoshan10-03-2010

    Right. twitter shouldn’t be taken as a follower competition.

  11. SashaSasha10-05-2010

    This is a great post with some good recommendations. However, why do you recommend to tweet 20 times a day? I’ve used twitter personally and professionally and when I use my personal account, I usually unfollow people who tween more than 10 times a day just because I don’t want to hear that much from anyone!

  12. I’m a testimony to the fact hat maintaining two twitter accounts can be tedious. I’ve personally decided to use my default account for both personal and business purposes. It’s definitely a lot less stressful I tell you 😉

  13. Hi

    Before reading this article .. i used to do titter posts with links of my website because i thought followers will go through links … Now i understand the use of twitter

    Thanks for share these tips buddy 🙂

  14. brian mcabrian mca12-07-2010

    twitter is one of my favorites marketing .

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