The Alexa Myth

Let me start off with a statement that I will one day come back and hold myself accountable for:

I Guy Roman, believe Alexa is extremely useful, to the right people, and that Alexa data is not at all skewed as some claim it is. In fact, it’s pretty accurate, in terms of what it does and what it bases that data on. Also, for the record, I believe that Alexa doesn’t directly boot a sites weight in the SERPs as some have claimed.

If you guys remember, about 4 years ago, Matt Cutts shared his thoughts on Alexa. He claimed there was some sort of webmaster skew in Alexa data when comparing his site to He then goes onto state that his site probably gets a boost in Alexa rank due to many SEOs visiting his site, and most having the toolbar installed.

See, I don’t see that as a problem, when comparing a site for the general public, and one for SEOs and webmasters, you’ll obviously see an odd data chart in terms of authority and ranking, specially when that particular service ranks based on those who use its product. In this case, the Alexa toolbar.

This is why I started off with saying Alexa is useful, for those who have a use for it. For webmasters and SEOs, Alexa is not far off with its ranking. But that’s not all Alexa is useful for. Some Ad Networks rely heavily on Alexa rank to decide what the webmasters earnings and payouts will be like. If you have a top 1k Alexa site you’re going to earn more on the ads than someone with as much traffic but 1million in Alexa. It’s how those systems work, and whether you think that’s right or wrong is besides the point. They chose to set things up that way, they’re paying out millions to advertisers, and they must be profiting to keep doing so.

So, Alexa is not just a number, it’s a way to rank niche authority sites, it’s a way for webmasters to increase their sites ad value, it’s a way to break into a list with some of the largest sites in the world. It’s a lot of things, but useless as some claim? They haven’t a clue, they don’t understand Alexa, and therefore won’t earn money off that increased rank. We’re better off, that just means more of the pie to ourselves 😉

Go work on your Alexa rank even if you have to read up on Alexa ranking secrets and do some research, break the 100k mark and let me know, then break the 50k mark and I’ll personally give you a free link from one of my under 10k Alexa ranked sites as incentive! It’s a pr8 too! Can you hear all those Alexa haters sobbing in the background? Yes, it’s music to my ears too!

I’m Guy Roman, and I approve this article!

Guy Roman

  1. DerekDerek08-05-2010

    Great blog post Guy. I was at 89k but now at 98k because i have not promoted my site at all in the last 10 days do to busy offline schedule. It’s strange but if i don’t promote my site, my alexa ranking seems to go higher up. The key i think is to get more visitors to your site. I don’t worry about people having the alexa toolbar installed when viewing my site.

    Just get traffic coming in and keep on link buiding. In my opinion, people with like 1 million alexa rank has a big problem with getting traffic to there site. Some people do look up this stat before even thinking about purchasing advertising space on that one site. I rather just show my real stat’s with google analytic’s screenshot but people still care about alexa ranking. I am wondering if i should put my alexa ranking on my blog to show off the stat’s. Might not do any good for me because of my blog audience.

    Eh, i hope to crack the 70k barrier before 2010 is up. Just have to work harding in increasing my daily traffic. The more traffic, the lower the alexa ranking, the better chance you could get folks contacting you for advertising on your site. (this just my opinion and a long ramble)

  2. BluBlu09-04-2010

    Are you really going to give someone who breaks the 50k ranking in alexa a back link, if so check out our directory it has nearly broke the 50k, it currently stands at 53k. It’s linked in the name.:)

  3. CryxellisCryxellis09-14-2010

    Hi I know it’s a little bit late to comment on your article. But this is just the second time I got into v7n blog. And I should visit this regularly because you offer a lot of great information about SEO.

    Anyway I check on my Alexa today and I saw a good changes in our website’s rankings and traffic from 138,006 it become 131,610 and I saw the keywords are also in good terms. What I like the most in Alexa is they are showing the report I needed for our website. The backlinks, keywords and which country the traffic is high.

  4. Adding the Alexa widget and verification code to my blog seems to have helped in gradually increasing my rank but as Derek stated it tends to fall when traffic kinda drops.

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