V7Network RoundTable Transcripts (October 7th)

Following are the transcripts from the 1:00 pm session of the V7Network RoundTable chat held on October 7th.

Please note that beyond removing some early chatter before and after that chat, I have made very few corrections, so you will be seeing all of our spelling and typing errors. I hope you are fluent at reading typonese! (grin)

How to Identify Problem Areas on Your Website

<Cricket>     has everyone viewed the preview screencast?

<gissen>       Where do we get it?

<Cricket>     http://screenr.com/mE7

<tumbleweed>       screencast is at http://screenr.com/mE7

<tumbleweed>       hehe

<tumbleweed>       very kewl firefox addons mentioned in the screencast

<Cricket>     Over the coming weeks I will be making a ton of these

<Cricket>     to help with areas that are easier to understand

<Cricket>     thru a screencast

*          tumbleweed thinks the screencast is very innovative. sometimes pictures can say 1000 words

<Cricket>     yeah I agree

<bobnelms>            screencast won’t play for me.

<Cricket>     should play in any browser

<bobnelms>            it’s loading, but it doesn’t show a play button.

<Cricket>     slow connection?

<Cricket>     okay for those who came in late and missed it, save this url for a screencast

<Cricket>     http://screenr.com/mE7

<ewramos>  very god…

<LOZ>         It would be nice if there was a way to re size the screen

<Cricket>     there is a button to full size it

<Cricket>     on the player

<bobnelms>            no, not a slow connection

<atnip>         nice and to the point 🙂

<Cricket>     okay for those of you that do not have those tools

<MyPreciousKid>   not working for me either, clicked play, get first screen and nothing

<Cricket>     later (not now) download them thru Firefox

<Groovin>   You’ll need the latest adobe flash player installed in your browser of choice

<gissen>       very nice~

<Cricket>     ?       Web Developer  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/60

<Cricket>     This is the tool I use the most frequently when I am working on a page. Once you have it downloaded and installed, take the time to play with all different features. The following are the ones that I use the most.

<Texas>       I viewed it.

<Cricket>     ?       Search Status  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/321

<Cricket>     I install this one into the foot of the window in the status bar. If you right click on the icon after install, and select options, it will let you select placement of it within the window.

<Cricket>     ?       LinkChecker 0.61  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/532

<Cricket>     This one is a quick and easy way for me to check all the links on a page.

<Cricket>     ?       HTML Validator 0.8.40  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/249

<Cricket>     This one is installed in the footer of my window as an alternative validator, especially for quick checks. For this one, I have the preferences set to use HTML Tidy to double check pages.

<AmySueN>            Cricket – the chat will be available for future reference, right? I’ll want to go through all these one by one as I have time…

<Cricket>     yes, I am logging the chat

*          tumbleweed listens

<psylinx>     How do you feel about people using screen capture software to record this stuff?

<AmySueN>            thx

<Cricket>     not worried as long as it is not published

<psylinx>     Cool

<psylinx>     I’m a good boy

<Cricket>     okay folks now is where we have to determine where your exact troubles are

<psylinx>     …well sorta

<AmySueN>            (pats psylinx’s head)

<Cricket>     soooo many times people are working on seo, when their issue is marketing

<psylinx>     lol

<Cricket>     and visa versa

<Cricket>     the key is knowing exactly what your issue is

<Cricket>     as an example: someone tells me they have a HUGE bounce rate on a specific page

<Cricket>     this tells me a few different things

<Cricket>     (will go back and explain in a minute)

<Cricket>     Is it possible you are in the top 10 for a phrase

<Cricket>     that your page does not specifically address?

<Cricket>     of so, they are gonna bounce fast

<Cindy522>            Or a phrase with more than one meaning – ACK!

<Cricket>     exactly Cindy

<Cricket>     another

<Cricket>     is it possible they you have what they want

<Brandon>   good day everyone

<Cricket>     but the credibility of your site truly sucks?

<Cricket>     and there is no way they will give you their cc number?

<Cricket>     that is why you need a checklist of things to check on every page of your site

<Cricket>     ok lets move on this for a minute

<Cricket>     am I going to fast?

<Texas>       No

<drapersi>   no

<Cindy522>            no

<poetren>    no

*          tumbleweed is keeping up so far

<bobnelms>            no

<MyPreciousKid>   no

<Cricket>     Top placement in the search results is not enough to result in sales. If you are in the top 10 for a key phrase that no one searches for, it will not matter how hard you work on that page, it is not going to bring many visitors from the search engines.

<firecat>       no

*          SubWolf listens in a mo

<Cricket>     This is where you need to sit down and review each title of every page to determine if it is a phrase people are actually searching for.

<Cricket>     Although not perfect, the Google Keywords Tool for AdWords can be an effective tool to add to your research.

<Cricket>     I highly recommend using it

<AmySueN>            I miss the old keyword tool 🙁

<Cricket>     If you are not in the top 10 for a phrase, then it may be time to decide if you have selected too broad of a title.  After making certain that, the page is using all of the basic SEO, I then look at selecting a tighter niche, or add a clarifying phrase to the existing title.

<Cricket>     This one can tougher to evaluate because it is so easy to get in a rut of THINKING you have followed all of the steps needed to optimize a page, when quite often multiple pieces of the puzzle missing.

<Cricket>     Use a checklist to see if the page is optimized, and then allow enough time to pass for the effort to show results. I use the following steps.

<Cricket>     okay pause for a minute

<Cricket>     the reason I want to pause for a minute is because I want to make sure we are all on the same page as far as SEO is concerned

<Cricket>     SEO is soooooooo easy

<Brandon>   lol

<Cricket>     it is us as people that make it so dang complicated

<Cindy522>            Once you give yourself over to it!

<MyPreciousKid>   IF you do it the Cricket way 🙂

<Cricket>     this over simplifies it

<Cricket>     but i want to give you an example

*          tumbleweed smiles

<psylinx>     O master teach us…

<Cricket>     in your Google browser

<Cricket>     sorry Google search bar

<Cindy522>            I suspect its HARDER for the L&A majors vs math and science people

<Cricket>     look up red widgets

<psylinx>     found

<Cricket>     most of you will see #1 a title of custom red widgets

<Cricket>     is that correct?

<Cricket>     if so, click on it

<Cindy522>            yes

<MyPreciousKid>   yes – you made a page just for us 🙂

<Cricket>     http://www.website-development-training.com/custom-red-widgets/

<Cricket>     will give you a sec to read it

<tumbleweed>       Custom Red Widget —  i see it

<MyPreciousKid>   awesome

<Cricket>     its is soooooooo basic

<Cricket>     but we like to complicate it don’t we?

<AmySueN>            But soooo easy to mess up

<poetren>    cool

<psylinx>     interesting

<Cricket>     now before I teach you a single thing

<Cindy522>            Ya, since people have to read it, not just spiders

<Cricket>     I need to say something very important

<LOZ>         .  May I purchase some?

<Cricket>     I swear this statement is famous cuz of me

<psylinx>     lol

<Cricket>     If what you are doing is working

<Cricket>     if you are getting the results you want


<Cricket>     If however you are not happy with your results

<Cricket>     then maybe it is time to sit back and learn some stuff that seems to work

<Cindy522>            Or would like to be even happier!

<Cricket>     not just in the short term

<Cricket>     but LONG term

<Cricket>     Fair enough?

<Cricket>     Use a checklist to see if the page is optimized, and then allow enough time to pass for the effort to show results. I use the following steps.

<atnip>         more than fair

<Cricket>     now you can just listen for now

<Cricket>     and try this stuff later ok?

<Cricket>     keep the screencast you watched in your mind here

<Cricket>     Step #1 Open a page you want to evaluate (for SEO) in Firefox.

<Brandon>   note to self.. make a “red widget” post

<Cricket>     Step #2 Using the Firefox tools, check your Meta tags by using the view Meta tag information, located under the information tab. Do you use a natural sentence structure for the description?

<Cricket>     Does it come from the content on your site? Is the exact primary phrase included? For the Keywords tag, do you include the primary keywords (and phrases) without too many repeats?

<Cricket>     Do you include synonyms for your primary keywords (which are also located on the page)

<Cricket>     Don’t jump me and say Google doesn’t use keywords

<Cricket>     Google is NOT the only search engine

<Cricket>     just do it

<Cricket>     why? cuz it works 😉

<Cricket>     Step #3 Using the Firefox tools so you can see the whole page, view display alt attributes under the images tab in the menu.

<Cricket>     Look at your alt attributes. Are any images using alt attributes that should be empty? If so, remove them.

<Cricket>     Are any alt attributes repeated throughout the page? If so, make changes to vary them. Do the alt attributes come across naturally and include your key phrase as applicable?

<Cricket>     Step #4 Check the text only cache of the page. Is anything missing that should be there? Is anything there text that you did not expect to be there? Make corrections as needed.

<Cricket>     Okay we are gonna pause on this one

<South>        Gettin tired?

<Cricket>     does everyone know how to check the TEXT ONLY version of the cache?

<Cricket>     cache even

<zzsnel>       expain

<Cricket>     not the one with pics, I mean literally TEXT ONLY

<Cricket>     okay follow with me

<Cricket>     go to your site

<Cricket>     oh wait

<MyPreciousKid>   yes

<Cricket>     do y’all have a Google tool bar?

<zzsnel>       y

<Cricket>     if not find your site in the search results

<drapersi>   yes

<psylinx>     yes

<firecat>       yup

<LOZ>         Y

*          tumbleweed has a google toolbar

<Cricket>     ok click the cache for your site

<Cricket>     over on the side of the cache at the top

<Cricket>     see where is says text only?

<atnip>         yes

<Cricket>     ok take a HARD look at that

<MyPreciousKid>   my left nav bar text shows up before main page text on text only page, is that normal

<Cricket>     depends on your set up

<Cricket>     on my blog i have it set up for that to come AFTER my content

<Cricket>     the order you see there

<Cricket>     that’s what Google sees

<Cricket>     quite often people are shocked

<Cricket>     cuz they have navigation missing

<Cricket>     or content missing

<Cricket>     ok moving on

<Cricket>     Step #5 Take a look at your heading tags by checking view document outline under the information tab. Does it look like a normal outline? Is any text repeated? If so, it should vary so that it is natural, but still using your phrase.

<Cricket>     As an example, the h1 for my SEO Training page would be SEO Training, but my h2 might be How to Register for SEO Training.

<Cricket>     Step #6 Take a look at my actual content. Is there enough of it? Now highlight your primary key phrase by using the search status tool.

<Cricket>     The reason I want to highlight it is so that I can see if it (my key phrase) is spread out naturally throughout the page, and not bunched up multiple times in single paragraphs.

<zzsnel>       can you use multiple <H2> tags

<Cricket>     yes

<Cricket>     only ONE h1 is advised

<Cricket>     Step #7 Does the navigation link leading to this page use as much of my key phrase as possible? Do I use the full key phrase (anchor text link) when linking to this page from the site map?

<Cricket>     If I included links to this page from other pages, am I using it naturally? (Not identical every time, except for navigation)

<Cricket>     Step #8 Do I have links pointing to this page. (Use the Google Webmaster tool to check the exact page under links.)

<Cricket>     If not, do I have a plan of action to increase the links to my site and to this page? Am I following through with that?

<AmySue>   Do internal links weigh as much as external links?

<Cricket>     I honestly don’t worry about what weighs what

<Cricket>     ya know why?

<AmySue>   ie links from other pages on the same site vs links from other sites?

<Cricket>     cuz ya need them all 😉

<MyPreciousKid>   🙂

<Cricket>     okay listen to this one

<Brandon>   internal links are good for the bots to navigate your site

<Cricket>     Step #9 Do I link to relevant authority sites for the benefit of my visitors. (As applicable) For an example of this, see my Website Credibility page and see if you can spot where I have done this.

<Cricket>     http://www.gnc-web-creations.com/website-credibility.htm

<Cricket>     Sometimes this can be accomplished simply by offering a definition (as needed), quoting, and linking to your source.

<Cricket>     once you have done your checklist

<Cricket>     that is when you can begin to find the problems

<Cricket>     Once you have completed the checklist, you can choose to use a tighter niche phrase, add a clarifying phrase to the title, or you can choose to increase your SEO efforts for the pages as needed, such as increasing content, or anchor text links directly to the page.

<Cricket>     If you are in the top 10 for a phrase that tons of people search for, but that phrase does not fit your page perfectly, you may see an increase of visitors who stay only a few seconds, but then immediately leave.

<Cricket>     This will not bring the results you are looking for. This is where having good web stats can make a big difference for you.

<Cricket>     One of the best ways to see this is to look at the content overview in Google Analytics. (Make sure you click on view full report.) Check everything within that section, including average time on page.

<Cricket>     It will take you some time to get used to all the different reports, and to allow enough time to pass for there to be enough information for those reports to accurately represent the norm.

<AmySue>   If your phrase fits the page and visitor are still leaving does that mean your writing sucks?

<Cricket>     we will get to that in just a sec

<Cricket>     I use two different types of web statistics to evaluate my website.

<Cricket>     3.1 I use Awstats (any true log analyzer will work) primarily for checking back end stuff and a few SEO related things.

<Cricket>     This type of tool is effective for keeping track of error pages and lets me know in a hurry if someone is hotlinking to an image.

<Cricket>     It is also effective for helping you understand exactly where your traffic is coming from

<Cricket>     3.2 When it comes to evaluating the marketing aspect, I much prefer Google Analytics. Do not let this tool overwhelm you.

<Cricket>     If you can use it, that is great. If not, no worries, as you can still figure out a ton of stuff with your log analyzer. The site will give you systematic instructions for setting things up

*          tumbleweed just added awstats recently

<Cricket>     3.2 When it comes to evaluating the marketing aspect, I much prefer Google Analytics. Do not let this tool overwhelm you.

<Cricket>     If you can use it, that is great. If not, no worries, as you can still figure out a ton of stuff with your log analyzer. The site will give you systematic instructions for setting things up

<Cricket>     Amy sometimes it means you have not given them a reason to buy RIGHT NOW

<MyPreciousKid>   If your phrase fits the page, you get lost of visitors, you get 2% buy rate, but still have high bounce rate what is missing

<MyPreciousKid>   all my numbers are great except the bounce rate

<Cricket>     It may be a very normal bounce rate for your business

<MyPreciousKid>   hmmmmm

<AmySue>   how do you know what’s normal for your business?

<Cricket>     they maybe just came for INFORMATION found what they needed and left 😉

<Cricket>     by tracking results over time

<Cricket>     seeing what helps

<Cindy522>            Plus, the “real world” reasons….. such as price being higher than competitors

<Cricket>     what hurts

<Cricket>     yes of course Cindy

<Cricket>     so you have to give them a reason to buy from YOU

<MyPreciousKid>   yes pricing is an issue, everyone wants discount plus free shipping

<Cricket>     yesterday I left a site

<AmySue>   plus free samples

<Cricket>     let me tell you why

<Cricket>     3 reasons

<Cricket>     (1) I couldn’t figure out how much shipping was

<Cricket>     so (2) I clicked on buy it now

<Cricket>     so i could find out

<Cricket>     (3) but guess what happened?

<MyPreciousKid>   they wanted you to register?

<Cricket>     it wanted me to log in before I could see it

<Cricket>     yup

<MyPreciousKid>   ugh

<Cricket>     at that point I left

<Cricket>     Here is something I highly recommend

<MyPreciousKid>   my cart gives real time shipping estimate w/o having to register

<Cricket>     find a friend that is NOT tech savy

<Cricket>     stand behind them

<Cricket>     watch them use your site

<Cindy522>            Or a mother-in-law

<Cricket>     ask them to find stuff but don’t give them the exact words

<AmySue>   LOL

<Cricket>     ask them, to show you how to buy something on your site

<Cricket>     ask them to find your shipping info

<MyPreciousKid>   hey I am a tech savy MIL

<MyPreciousKid>   good plan cricket

<Cricket>     make sure it is NOT your site costing you sales

<Cricket>     stuff that seems sooooooo simple to us

<Cindy522>            And YOUR MIL?

<Cricket>     others don’t get

<MyPreciousKid>   LOL she does not own a computer

<Cricket>     okay at this point I am going to pause and ask for questions on anything presented so far

<MyPreciousKid>   ok cricket I will go find a non techy person to watch on my site

<Cindy522>            Absolutely.  I totally agree… have to have another set of eyes.

<AmySue>   These techniques work for blogs too, to an extent, right?

<Cricket>     know what I found out on my blog?

<LOZ>         Web developer used to have the download speed report.  Now it goes to a broken link.  Any recommendations?

<MyPreciousKid>   is there a way to know what the average bounce rate is on a retail site

<Cricket>     on my blog I found out that 5-10 people don’t realize there is more than one page

<Cindy522>            Or just someone who doesn’t do much online shopping…. or even who just isnt an online seller themselves

<AmySue>   ha-ha, ask for questions and get slammed 😉

<Cricket>     they miss the link at the bottom that says older entries

<AmySue>   Really??? Your blog is really simple.

<AmySue>   in a good way…

<AmySue>   so how are you fixing that?

<Cricket>     every niche is different Kay

<Cricket>     me? It’s why my blog is just a blog

<Cricket>     I would never use it for a commerce type thing

<Cindy522>            Do high bounce rates HURT my site?

<Cricket>     Chris, if you see questions you can answer feel free to jump in please

<Cricket>     Everyone, Chris does the marketing stuff for Escalate Media

<Cricket>     he may be asleep listening to me right now

<Cricket>     so not sure if he is still here

<Cindy522>            Can I “avoid” a certain phrase, the way I could subtract phrases from Google Adwords?

<AmySue>   No, I mean your blog has a simple design – I’d think it’d be easy to navigate, there’s no hidden links or anything.

<Cricket>     🙂

<Cricket>     Cindy I know you are gonna hate this answer

<Cricket>     but there are two keys

<Cricket>     #1 work with ONE page at a time

<AmySue>   So I’m surprised visitors don’t see the other pages. How can you fix that? (wondering about my own blog now)

<Cricket>     trach every change and every result

<zzsnel>       Do java menus hurt the page in the bounce rates

<Cricket>     search engines (most) are still not doing well with js menus

<Cricket>     so it is vital that you have a back up text menu for navigation

<Cricket>     zzsnel do you need an example of what I mean?

<atnip>         Does the use of CSS help SEO?

<Cindy522>            Im listening…  I sell Horse Themed Clothing for Girls.  I do well on Girls Horse Clothes, Girls Clothes with Horses, etc.

<Cricket>     no

<AmySue>   My computer doesn’t always do well with java – it often freezes so I make a mental note not to go back to that site.

<MyPreciousKid>   so if sales conversion rate of 2% is good and traffic is good do I stop obsessing about the bounce rate?

<zzsnel>       No I have been working that same aspect, puttin in a hard menu

<Cindy522>            BUT, I also get plenty of traffic on “Girls with Horses”….  which (sadly) is people looking for porn

<Cricket>     yeah I would just choose one page to play with kay

<Cricket>     and see

<Cricket>     remember half of the business is trial and error

<gissen>       What about javascript menus that degrade to a bulleted list when javascript is disabled?

<Cindy522>            They bounce right out (apparently after opening all results without reading the meta descriptions)

<psylinx>     How much does Flash cripple SEO?

<tiffany3>    I sell Mommy Bracelets and I have it in my keywords. Somehow, sites are higher than mine and they don’t have that as a keyword. I believe that I have quality content based around this term. What else should I do?

<AmySue>   Good question psylinx

<MyPreciousKid>   I have been doing that with front page, made several changes that seem to help people navigate better but no change in bounce rate

<Cricket>     gissen the final evaluation of that is to see if google sees them as links

<Cricket>     use the text only cache

<Cricket>     did i miss questions back there?

<psylinx>     How much does Flash cripple SEO?

<psylinx>     🙂

<Cricket>     it is fine in small amounts

<Cricket>     in a decorative fashion

<Cricket>     like a header

<Cricket>     I do not recommend more than that though

<Cindy522>            Does a high bounce rate on certain terms have a negative effect on my site otherwise?

<AmySue>   tiffany3 – could they have more incoming links?

<psylinx>     Is there any way to do a flash intensive site that still gets noticed?

<Cricket>     can it be done yes?

<LOZ>         Y Web developer used to have the download speed report.  Now it goes to a broken link.  only thing I found is websiteoptimization.com   Anything, like and add-onn that’s quicker?

<Cricket>     but dang its tough cuz ya need and html alternative site

*          tumbleweed listens quietly in the background.

<Cindy522>            Is there a NEED to spend time working on “not using” certain phrases?

<Cricket>     I dont cindy

<Cricket>     y’all have a habit of worrying too much

<Cricket>     smiles

<AmySue>   🙂

<lvtodesign>            I have a site that sells commercial playground equipment it has 40 pages that show each set on it on page they are being index

<Cindy522>            Thanks!

<psylinx>     “Cricket – but dang its tough cuz ya need and html alternative site” – Ahh…I see!

<zzsnel>       Get the firebug add on for Foxfire , it shows load speed

<tiffany3>    Also, I don’t understand the whole do-follow blogs? Do we just comment and leave our link? I don’t know that I would just randomly list my website.

<tiffany3>    Not sure if my question got seen…I sell Mommy Bracelets and I have it in my keywords. Somehow, sites are higher than mine and they don’t have that as a keyword. I believe that I have quality content based around this term. What else should I do?

<Cricket>     tiffany go thru the checklist i gave you

<Cricket>     one step at a time

<Cricket>     one page at a time

<atnip>         So CSS layout  is not better than a table layout in SEO terms?

<Cricket>     atnip

<Cricket>     in most cases NO

<Cricket>     HOWEVER

<lvtodesign>            could having to many pages that are similar be causing them not to get indexed

<tiffany3>    I feel that I have done every step. I have been going through it over and over. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

<Cricket>     I have seen some totally screwed up code in tables that got the bots lost

<Cricket>     tiffany are you in my free classes?

<Cricket>     if not pm me afterwards

<AmySue>   I highly recommend the free classes!

<Cricket>     lvtodesign

<Cricket>     I want to address your question

<Cricket>     because it is vital people understand this one

<MyPreciousKid>   tiffany can you get a finer niche than mommy bracelet

<tiffany3>    Yes, I have been in your class for awhile now.

<Cricket>     Let me get everyone’s attention on this one

<Cricket>     As you know people are running around saying that Google will not penalize you for duplicate content

<Cricket>     in one way this is true

<Cricket>     HOWEVER

<Cricket>     HOWEVER

<Cricket>     HOWEVER

<Cricket>     they WILL choose which page they want to index if you have a bunch of similar pages

<Cricket>     so hear me now

*          tumbleweed thinks there’s an echo in here.

<Cricket>     that may not be CALLED a penalty

<Cricket>     But if you have pages NOT getting indexed because of it

<Cricket>     I sure as heck call it a penalty filter

<Cricket>     make sense?

<AmySue>   Definitely!

<Cricket>     so back to your question lvtodesign

<MyPreciousKid>   YES

<Cricket>     the picture is not the problem

<poetren>    yes

<Cricket>     you could have the picture on every single page

<AmySue>   Tiffany – what’s your site?

<Cricket>     it’s the CONTENT you have to get unique

<tiffany3>    www.charmiesonline.com

<Cricket>     what are some ways to do that?

<Cricket>     add little stories to the pages

<Cricket>     that are relevant

<Cricket>     add buyer comments to the pages

<Cricket>     different on each

<AmySue>   Different keywords/phrases, different alt tags for the photos, different <h> tags…

<Cricket>     tell a story about who is using this design

<Cricket>     yes, all need to be 100% unique to the specific page

<MyPreciousKid>   so her mommy bracelet page needs more content (written words) about mommybracelets?

<Cricket>     it took me less than 30 seconds to see the problem with the site

<AmySue>   First off, the title is “Mommy Bracelets, Handstamped Jewelry, Mothers Bracelets, Bracelets…” instead of just “Mommy Bracelets”

<Cricket>     can anyone tell me what it is?

<Cricket>     very good amy

<AmySue>   ONE phrase per page

<Cricket>     each page needs ONE key niche to target

<tiffany3>    Yes, but my host doesn’t allow that

<AmySue>   Change hosts.

<Cricket>     then get another host 😉

<Cindy522>            Then get a new host

<Cricket>     LOL

<AmySue>   Or lose sales, whichever you prefer.

<Cricket>     I can tell who trained y’all

<AmySue>   😉

<tumbleweed>       good point!

<AmySue>   grinning

<htmlbasictutor>    🙂

<tiffany3>    I didn’t realize that was the problem. I may have to consider that.

<Cindy522>            Are you sure it isn’t allowed?  Or is it just that you need to get into the code and tinker with it.

<Cricket>     okay speak up folks

<AmySue>   If you can get into your cPanel you have access to everything.

<Cricket>     its not often I open myself to questions

<AmySue>   If you can’t get into your cPanel get a new host.

<tiffany3>    I have a cPanel

<lvtodesign>            thanks, since I have about 30 Pages one for each playground I can try the suggest you gave me on one page at a time and see if it helps

<tiffany3>    I don’t know anything about that.

<Cricket>     amysue pm her with the info

<LOZ>         Would you refresh my memory on www vs non-www?

<Cricket>     very good

<tiffany3>    thanks 🙂

<Cricket>     LOZ explain?

<AmySue>   About cPanel?

<Cricket>     you mean in terms of 301 redirects?

<LOZ>         Yes

<Cricket>     okay first you need to determine which you are using

<Cricket>     which is indexed

<Cindy522>            Doesn’t she just need her title tag to pull from something other than what her host is letting her use?

<Cricket>     let’s say you are fully indexed using the www

<Cricket>     that means you will want a 301 redirect for the non www

<Cricket>     why? so that one someone links that way it doesn’t get indexed that way

<Cricket>     2 ways to handle this

<Cricket>     one if you use Google webmaster tools

<Cricket>     there is a place to set your preferences

<tiffany3>    Sorry to interrupt. AmySue, I tried to send u a pm and it says i need a registered nickname. Please PM me.

<AmySue>   I got the same thing when I tried to PM you. :p

<Cricket>     http://www.website-development-training.com/301/

<Cricket>     okay guys I will check on that

<lvtodesign>            should I expect with the right tweaking to be able to get indexed on every pageof a 50+page site?and to make that a goal?

<psylinx>     Tried to PM Cricket an hour ago same issue

<Cricket>     in the meantime maybe you can share YIM names or emails

<AmySue>   I’ll contact you through your site later. 🙂

<tiffany3>    ok, thanks so much

<Cricket>     lvtodesign YES every single page should be indexed

<Cricket>     any more questions?

<Cricket>     if not, I have a question for you

<MyPreciousKid>   bounce rate clarification Cricket

<atnip>         I offer hand drawn logos for various business types should I make my niche tighter

<lvtodesign>            Thanks, it looks like I have alot of work to do

<Cricket>     I think that each company will have a specific bounce rate

<Cricket>     in your niche I think you may have a huge number of people looking for safety tips, but not necessarily a product

<MyPreciousKid>   I think I may have realized that since I have 400 pages and lots of content, that people do find me with very strange phrases

<Cricket>     exactly

<MyPreciousKid>   but not necessarily the phrases I have worked on

<Cricket>     so I think I would look at your sales results more

<MyPreciousKid>   for my phrases I do well

<Cricket>     find out which pages are not selling

<MyPreciousKid>   but because of the HUGE volume of words on my site they come for some very odd combinations

<Cindy522>            Right – like my porn-seakers are always gonna bounce right out.   Oh well

<psylinx>     I may need to do more research on my potential affiliations

<AmySue>   atnip – if your whole site is hand drawn logos can you do a page for specific types of logos?

<Cricket>     lol cindy

<Hades>       Is there an average accepted bounce rate for a website type? lets say an ecommerce, a blog, a forum, etc…? what would be an accepted bounce rate in each case?

<AmySue>   They bounce to my cloth diaper site, Cindy, LOL!

<Cindy522>            LOL AmySue

<Cricket>     Hades, I think it is going to be different for every single niche

<tiffany3>    I was late to this chat bc I was at work. Did you talk about the directory?

*          tumbleweed noticed the chat log only goes back so far.  Was going to write down the checklist. hmm.

<psylinx>     And my sweet hearts doll site Cindy 🙂

<MyPreciousKid>   so how do we know if we are hitting the mark

<Cricket>     tumbleweed i am saving it all

<Cindy522>            Im not real good with Google analytics, but I look at bounce rate by keyword phrase…

<tumbleweed>       🙂

<Cindy522>            that shows me “girls without clothes” and “girls with horses” are 100% bounce… but other things are NOT

<Cricket>     skyhawk133 are you here?

<AmySue>   atnip – what’s your site?

<psylinx>     You are saving it… yay…closes openoffice.

<Cricket>     did everyone get the discount code?

<tiffany3>    I did not.

<Texas>       No

<Cricket>     for v7n directory submissions

<AmySue>   Yeah, but lost it when FF dumped me out. 😛

<Cricket>     for anyone in this chat

<psylinx>     please repost? <tail wags>

<Cindy522>            If there isn’t a “penalty” based on bounce rate… then I think its fine that there will be some entries that bounce.   Some people just open all the results

<Cricket>     Save $10 On All Submissions

<Cricket>     Promo Code: V7NFTW

<psylinx>     Bark, bark!

<AmySue>   LOL!

<Cindy522>            Even notice how many raw clicks on Twittered items?   Some people just click whatever pops up

<atnip>         www.flirtatiousdesigns.com

<Cricket>     ok folks

<Cricket>     I need to give away TWO free directory submissions

<Cricket>     I closed my eyes and touched the screen twice

<Cricket>     to choose the 2 closest names

<Cricket>     firecat

<Cricket>     and Hades

<Cricket>     both have a free submission

<AmySue>   Congrats!!

<Cindy522>            When I first started with Crickets classes… I found out my highest

<Cricket>     please contact me afterwards

<Cindy522>            phrase was “100% cotton knit”.

<Hades>       Thanks!

<tiffany3>    congrats!!

<Cindy522>            Obviously NOT what I wanted it to be.

<psylinx>     Both seem to do with fire hmmm….Firefox….hmm… Crickets favored browser…HMMM!!!!!

<Cricket>     lol

<psylinx>     🙂

<Cricket>     I actually had to point 3 times

<psylinx>     lol

<Cricket>     cuz the first time I missed the screen all together lol

<psylinx>     ROFLOL

<poetren>    lol

<Cricket>     okay I need your input

<AmySue>   atnip – I can’t see anything on your site, but think of smaller niches you can work with. Like small business logos, or affordable logos.

<Cricket>     how do you want me to use these chats

<AmySue>   Research to see what people search for.

<Cricket>     what do you want covered?

<Cricket>     will screencast help or no?

<AmySue>   Ummm, Cricket, I think you need more coffee…

<LOZ>         Link building -ethical

<MyPreciousKid>   i love the question answer format

<lvtodesign>            thanks for the help , I bought your ebook and am I n your classes

<Cricket>     no spelling check here 🙁

<firecat>       THANKS!

<MyPreciousKid>   Crickets ebook ROCKS

<Cindy522>            Maybe questions sent in advance, if it were purely Q&A,

<zzsnel>       I liked the screen cast, yes do more of them

<MyPreciousKid>   yes that would be good

<Cindy522>            just so it wouldn’t be all talking over each other

<Kaki>          i like the screencast…

<Cricket>     firecat and Hades make sure to hit me up on v7n for your free submissions

<Texas>       I like the Screencast too!

<AmySue>   Honestly, I’m not fond of screencasts.

<atnip>         I was using the ebook daily until the dreaded computer crash

<tumbleweed>       I think having us see the screencast first, then participate in chat might be a good idea

<firecat>       Thought I posted a big “Thank You!”  but it didn’t show up

<AmySue>   I like to scan/speed read. Having to sit through a screencast gets me jittery.

<Cricket>     what topics do you want?

<Hades>       ok

<thepartypoodle>   I agree with the person that said link building as a topic

<psylinx>     thumbs up on screencast

<gissen>       agreed

<Cricket>     listening

<psylinx>     You might do a preliminary resources checklist

<Kaki>          the chats too, but for those that are late will there be a way to find out what was covered?

<LOZ>         Y, building links

<Cindy522>            Perhaps SOME topics where its intended for people who have the basics down

<AmySue>   Ditto Cindy.

<Cricket>     yeah Cindy I was thinking about some advanced stuff

<MyPreciousKid>   yes to advanced stuff

<Cricket>     yes Kaki I will be publishing after

<AmySue>   I really miss the site reviews. With my site I can’t see the forest for the trees, kwim?

<MyPreciousKid>   I would love to see the tips in outline printed form with links when we are done

<Cindy522>            such as…. (…..

<psylinx>     I need to get your ebook lol

<AmySue>   Good idea Kay.

<Cricket>     AmySue I can make you a mod in there and you can run that group for me 😉

<Cindy522>            Id love to see site reviews

<MyPreciousKid>   LOL

<AmySue>   Definitely, psylinx!! Join the free classes!

<firecat>       yes, please — advanced stuff.

<AmySue>   Ummm… OK. 😀

<Cricket>     giggling

<Cricket>     AmySue jumped up and down for joy over that LOL

<MyPreciousKid>   the challenge with the advanced stuff is people who have not done the basic class first getting confused

<AmySue>   LOL

<tumbleweed>       I’d like to see a general screencast outlining the checklist, with references for further study on each.

<Cricket>     real quick for those who have not seen this

<Cindy522>            How to evaluate advertising…. or … how to really USE the info from google anylitics…

<Cricket>     More Ways to Build Solid Incoming Links

<Cricket>     1.        There are always webmasters and bloggers who are looking for free content. I would offer to write free articles or blog posts (on topics of interest to you and your target audience) in exchange for having your link included in your signature.

<AmySue>   Maybe separate chats for basic and advanced.

<Cricket>     2. 2.    As often as you are able, spend some time visiting multiple forums. Join and actively participate in the community. Make sure to read each forum’s rules concerning signature links, adding yours according to their specific signature link policies. Some forums also have a section to offer services, such as writing articles or blog posts, or link exchanges sections.

<Cricket>     3.        Find multiple blogs that truly interest you. Actively participate in comments, making sure your comments are 100% related to the post. Add your URL so that your name links back to your website. You can vary which site or blog you link to also.

<AmySue>   Kay – were you in the advanced classes a year or so ago?

<Cricket>     4.        Although I would not go hog-wild finding free directories to submit your site to, depending on your budget, submitting to a few paid directories, such as the Yahoo and the V7N Directory can be an excellent investment for your businesses. The traffic from these types of directories is not substantial, but because of quality, they do provide valuable incoming links.

<Cricket>     5.        Create a blog on its own domain and add relevant topics that have anything to do with the sea or a nautical theme, from stories to tips.

<MyPreciousKid>   Probably AmySue then business got so busy I have not had much time for classes and forums

<LOZ>         Cricket, looks to me like writing articles for article directories is really big.

<Cricket>     any content is always big

<Cricket>     get it out there

<Cricket>     but don’t duplicate it with the content on your site

<LOZ>         That’s the challenge.

<Cricket>     people are begging for guest writers

<AmySue>   How about how to find sites that copy your content and/or hotlink your images and what to do about it”?

<MyPreciousKid>   the challenge for me is time to write articles for my blog and site vs time to write for other forums/blogs/etc

<Cindy522>            Hey… if you wanna “see me at the top’ search for girls horse clothes… or girls clothes with horses.   ALL based on Crickets teachings

<AmySue>   Time is always the hard part. 🙁

<Cricket>     yeah you started small and have grown huge kay

<Cricket>     you have reached a point where you have to decide what YOU want

<Cricket>     more time for your family?

<MyPreciousKid>   Cricket I owe MUCH of it to you and your classes.

<Cricket>     or more sales

*          tumbleweed has to roll off.  “See you at the top!”

<AmySue>   (I’ve heard this before, LOL)

<AmySue>   Bye tumbleweed!

<Cricket>     if you want more sales, it might be time to hire someone to do some of the stuff for you

<MyPreciousKid>   I moved business from my home to retail front with 2 employees a year ago

<Cricket>     in terms of writing etc

<MyPreciousKid>   I actually did hire someone to write blog articles for a while

<AmySue>   Woo hoo Kay!!

<Cricket>     Kay you owe it to YOU cuz you chose to work your tail off

<MyPreciousKid>   yes I have worked my TAIL off, but used your proven methods

<Cricket>     🙂

<AmySue>   🙂

<MyPreciousKid>   I am writing more blog articles just not writing for other sources much anymore

<Cricket>     any more questions folks?

<AmySue>   Me wubs Cricket

<gissen>       Cricket, you said that you were capturing all of this. How do we access it?

<MyPreciousKid>   I “heart” Cricket

*          Cricket loves AmySue

<Cricket>     and Kay 🙂

<AmySue>   🙂

<MyPreciousKid>   yes were can we see the tips checklist and links

<AmySue>   And Susan, wherever she is…

<Cricket>     she is hiding in here

<AmySue>   No-one said much about marketing… that would be another good chat topic.

<Cricket>     was just thinking about that

<MyPreciousKid>   yes I love to talc marketing

<Cricket>     cuz I see soooo many top 10 sites that can sell a $% bill for a dime

<Cricket>     cant

<firecat>       That’s actually what I’m working on now on my newest site.

<AmySue>   You could almost take each lesson from class and base a chat around it, doing it more in-depth.

<Cricket>     AmySue I was just thinking about that

<Cricket>     with a supplement screencast

<Cindy522>            Time management?

<AmySue>   😛

<AmySue>   balancing work/family

<Cricket>     gissen i will publish it on the v7n blog after cleaning it up

<Cricket>     balance is easy

<MyPreciousKid>   thanks

<Cricket>     you have to CHOOSE it

<Cindy522>            No…. Im talking balancing my pile of packages on the way to the post office in the ice and snow.

<gissen>       how do I access that blog?

<AmySue>   ROFL!

<Cindy522>            Santas helper is a GREAT JOB!

<AmySue>   Have USPS pick ’em up at your house.

<Cricket>     http://blog.v7n.com/

<gissen>       Thanks

<Cindy522>            Its at the end of my street.

<Cindy522>            Seriously, though… I far far far too often get sucked into tasks which Im likely spending way too much time on.

<Cricket>     Cindy, do NOT allow it

<Cindy522>            Theres blogging (which Ive grown adverse to), twitter, replying /chatting with customers

<Cindy522>            spending too much time sourcing, blah blah blah

<Cricket>     Cindy522 http://www.gnc-web-creations.com/time-management-tips.htm

<AmySue>   Sometimes I set a timer when I get online, otherwise an hour will go by and all I’ve done is Facebook.

<Cindy522>                        Cricket – Cindy, do NOT allow it.    Its a never ending battle… but, Ive certainly made some strides~

<Cindy522>            Aderall can only help so much… after that, its working at it.

<Cricket>     but Facebook is part of your job

<Cindy522>            Me too!!!!   Timer has been AWESOME for me… business and personal!

<Cricket>     Cindy522 you will never meet anyone more adhd than me

<psylinx>     Darn silly Facebook / Yoville…evil time sucker!

<AmySue>   I also heard of someone who’d do 2 sit-ups for every 5 minutes online. I dunno if she’s got abs of steel, but that’d keep me watching the clock, LOL

<Cindy522>            Well, Im Polish too —- Im fully convinced ADD + Polish = SMART!

<Texas>       Gotta go, Cricket, Thanks so much!

<psylinx>       @ AmySueI like that idea!

<Cindy522>            Not being sarcastic

<Cricket>     Oh and Cindy? talk about time management, who wrote that article for me?

<Cricket>     bye Texas!

<Cindy522>            I dont know, who?

<Cricket>     I only write the very first part

<AmySue>   Another chat topic – how to use social marketing to further your business. I hate obviously spammy FB/Twitter posts.

<psylinx>     “ADD ers” are above average Cindy

<Cricket>     each section was written by people in my classes

<Cricket>     I asked for their input

<Cricket>     and put it together

<MyPreciousKid>   great idea for tips article

<Cricket>     oh gosh

<gissen>       Thank you very much, Cricket. I need to go now.

<Cindy522>            Right – WITHOUT spending too much time on it!

<Cricket>     I gotta do this again tonight?

<AmySue>   It was a content for link exchange. We gave her content, she linked to us.

<Cricket>     who’s idea was that dang it

<AmySue>   Yours, LOL!

<Cricket>     yup AmySue

<Hades>       LOL 🙂

<Cindy522>            Same thing with design and all that… it can be hard to evaluate the priorities

<tiffany3>    LOL

<psylinx>     😀

<LOZ>         Thank you

<Cricket>     George meet me in FB

<AmySue>   Same topics tonight?

<Cricket>     I will send ya what ya need

<psylinx>     <Salutes!>

<Cricket>     same topic tonight

<psylinx>     <nods>

<Cricket>     but may veer off a different direction

<MyPreciousKid>   bye all, back to work

<AmySue>   Good, I can’t make it and don’t want to miss anything.

<Cricket>     huggggs to everyone

<AmySue>   Bye Kay!!

<poetren>    i plan to be on tonight too

<psylinx>     caio

<AmySue>   By psylinx (pats head)

<poetren>    thanks for the chat cricket 🙂

<Cricket>     you are very welcome

<psylinx>     <wags tail>

<Cindy522>            Thas much!  Bye!

<Hades>       thank you Cricket! Very good stuff here 🙂

<psylinx>     Thanks Crickiepoo!

<Cricket>     george meet me in fb

<Kaki>          Look forward to trying to sit in tonight — same log on?

<psylinx>     ok

<Cricket>     need your email address

<Cricket>     yup

<firecat>       Thanks, Cricket.  Nice to see you again Amy Sue and Kay.  Back to work now.  Bye!

<Kaki>          Thank you Cricket

<Cricket>     you are very welcome

<AmySue>   Bye firecat! Nice to see you again too!

<drapersi>   Thanks!

<Cricket>     chat will remain open if yall want to chat with each other

<tiffany3>    I have to go too. Thanks so much. AmySue, please don’t forget to contact me.

<AmySue>   I gotta run too, thanks much Cricket!

<AmySue>   Already did, tiffany. Email me back…

<AmySue>   🙂

<tiffany3>    will do. thanks

<tiffany3>    have a great day, everyone. thanks, cricket

<BradS>       thanks for the chat. It’s a bit more interactive then an audio webinar

<BradS>       people are a bit less chatty over the phones. this is actually a bit better yeah?

<Cricket>     exactly

<Cricket>     now if we every grow too big, I will moderate

<Cricket>     until I ask for questions

<Cricket>     but we did okay today

<Cricket>     Over time, thru trial and error I will figure it out . . .

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