10 Ways To Make Money

Running a busy forum I often hear from webmasters looking for ways to supplement their incomes. With so many affiliate type options out there though it can be difficult to sort through it all so that you can choose one that you can depend on. When I come across what appears to be a legitimate opportunity, especially one that will give you multiple ways to make money, I like being able to share the information with you.

RevResponse is a pay-per lead program with very nice payouts which allows you to select offers from more than 33+ industry categories. Simply put, it is a business focused ad network that offers your visitors free magazines and white papers. Every qualified lead generated will earn you a minimum payout of $1.50 and up to $20.00. Best of all they offer 10 ways for you to make money!

10 Ways To Make Money With RevResponse

1. Monetize Your Blog Posts

2. Cash In On Your Site Content

3. Drive Traffic To Your Co-branded Content Resource Center

4. Promote With E-Newsletter Inclusions

5. Optimize Your Opt-in Mailing List

6. Monetize Your Site Communications

7. Leverage Your Social Networking Sites

8. Create Promotions Using RevResponse RSS Feeds

9. Place An Ad Widget On Your Site

10. Refer New RevResponse Partners

The partner site is set up in a manner to walk you through everything you need step by step, including a simple Ad Wizard that allows you to create contextual, banner, and flash widget offers ready to cut and paste to your blogs and websites.

With a strong support system in place, including a blog and forum keeping you updated on new offers and answering your questions, this is one program that really seems to go out of their way to help their partners succeed.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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