To Spam or Not to Spam:

That is the question…

Whether ’tis PR worthy of the affiliate program to suffer the hijacked threads or to take up arms against a web of link-maskers…

So, you’re a registered forum user and you want people to visit your site… Great! We all do. Well, we don’t all want people to visit –your– site, but rather… Well, you get the point.

No matter how long your site has been active for its not so much a matter of getting people to click in as much as it’s about giving them a reason too. Sure, some folks resort to ye-old affiliate link-masking in the hopes that a user will ‘go for it’. Others may just spam it over dozen of posts thinking the more of it there is, the more likely they are of getting one click and others will bump old threads with their link using the ‘helpful reply’ tactic. Honestly though, they all fall under the SPAM category so none of those will get you very far in a forum. In fact, all that will do is bring attention to yourself and get you banned. At least it does at V7N. (:

No, what you want and what you need to do are so closely related to proper etiquette and good posting form that it might be hard for the average spammer to grasp.

First, just stop the bumping old threads with links and images to some great opportunity or program or service. Nobody takes the content of a 1-post-noob seriously. Ever. All that’s going to do is alert the moderators to you and get your post canned. then, you’re screwed. You’re on the radar and no amount of duplicate accounts and re-spamming is going to help.

Second, stop the set-up spam. You know, when a 1-post-noob asks a question and shortly there after another 1-post-noob posts a spammy reply. We all know its the same person. And now, again, that spam and those users are on the radar. Canned and banned.

Third, profile spamming. That’s when a user signs up and uses their site’s url in every field they can find… Name: Their site, Sex: Their site… Etc etc…  But then never post. While this might seem like a quick and simple method of getting indexed and getting that all important PR, it does nothing for visits and, again, will get the account banned. After, of course, all those links had been edited out.

So here’s the thing. We get it. You want PR, you want visits, CT, CPP and so on… And it mainly takes one thing to do that. A link. And on the other hand, more importantly, a visitor.

First you need to start posting. Yes, I know. “But I don’t have time for that!!” I know you don’t. You’re too busy trying to screw the system that you’ve forgot how easy it is to just play by the rules.

Becoming a valued member of a web community is a sure-fire way to get some juice and also some, –gasp– business!! Yes, it’s true. Stick around, post quality posts, help others, show off some of your flare and it will come back to you. Forums are always on the look out for quality poster and through that, you gain respect. Nurture that respect.

Second, use signatures! Coupled with that, start quality threads. Replies are one thing, but if you start quality threads it brings more attention to you and your signature.

Third, for the love of all that is holy, do not link to anything that will be perceived as spam. Link to a quality website or a quality blog and name it accordingly. Then use that website or blog as a spring-board for your crap. At least in this case, people will be more inclined to click through to a link “Johnny’s SEO Review Blog” and land on Johnny’s SEO Review Blog as opposed to “100% Free SEO EBOOKS & SCRIPTS” and land on a single 800 line scroller.

Yes, to Spam or Not to Spam. If you choose the former, may all your sins remember’d.


  1. celixcelix12-22-2008

    I hate spam comment. Especially “thanks, good tips, awesome post….”
    All of this for increasing pr.:D

  2. VishnuVishnu12-24-2008

    You are right dear.. To make some one mark not as spam in a forum is difficult, especially when you are trying to fill in the places with your URL.

  3. cammarycammary01-16-2009

    I hate spam comment too. Great post. Can you give us tools to protect from spam messages ?

  4. IrishWonderIrishWonder03-08-2009

    Hehehe what if it’s a “legitimized” kind of spamming? As in, the person is posting comments surely with the intention to have a link (not so much for the sake of PR since most blog comment signature links are nofollow) but clearly having read the post and actually providing intelligent feedback, having taken the pain to write a real reply?

  5. JerrickJerrick05-04-2011

    Everyone hate spam comment even spammer. But sometime it hard to leave away even you are not spam but the comment you wrote also look like spam . But this is a good idea i learn from you how to reduce spam with this blog. I may write one on my blog as well.

  6. Akash KumarAkash Kumar10-02-2011

    Spam comments is why most of the blogs have become nofollow, but by nofollow even the people who provide genuine comments don’t get an opportunity to get free links in return.

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