Does Google PageRank Matter?

I find it difficult to understand how topics involving the importance of Google PageRank continue to be an ongoing debate in forums. Interestingly enough, often those people claiming that PR has nothing to do with how Google determines the placement of sites in search results, are those people with low PR sites.

Google PageRank is certainly not the only factor in determining your position in the SERPs, but believing that it does not play a role in search results is simply crazy.

A Google feature that helps determine the rank of a site in our search results. PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. Important, high-quality sites receive a higher PageRank, which Google remembers each time it conducts a search. Google combines PageRank with sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to your searches. Webmaster Help Center

When a user enters a query, our machines search the index for matching pages and return the results we believe are the most relevant to the user. Relevancy is determined by over 200 factors, one of which is the PageRank for a given page. Google 101

How often does Google crawl the web? Google’s spiders regularly crawl the web to rebuild our index. Crawls are based on many factors such as PageRank, links to a page, and crawling constraints such as the number of parameters in a URL. Any number of factors can affect the crawl frequency of individual sites. Webmaster Help Center

Please do not bother showing me dozens of examples of sites with low PageRank doing better in the search results than sites with higher PR. No one is saying that PageRank is the only factor. It is simply one of many factors involved.

Until Google chooses to ignore PageRank by removing it from the algorithm, it would be foolish for website owners to do so. While I do not feel it is something we should obsess over, for top 10 results, we certainly shouldn’t ignore it either.

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  1. luckycharmz336luckycharmz33605-23-2008

    I completely believe that Pagerank gives some implications that one site will do better than another in search engine optimization and web design in search engine results.

  2. GaryPMGaryPM05-30-2008

    I think the main thing to remember here is that PageRank is part of a larger algorithm at Google and that webmaster mustn’t get obsessed simply with their PageRank score.

    As you mention, there are plenty of sites getting good rankings with low PR pages so this says it all really.

    As a final note it always helps to analyse websites PageRank before linking to them or accepting reciprocal link arrangements as it’s a good method of establishing whether a website has been penalized by Google.

  3. 100kjob100kjob08-23-2008

    If you aim at selling links on your site, a high PR certainly helps, as advertising brokers rate high on PR and/or Alexa rankings in putting their ads on.

  4. King CobraKing Cobra08-31-2008

    The relevance of toolbar PR these days, the real relevance, is as you say, pretty much limited to link exchanges. This is not to say that links don’t matter – they still seem to matter and certainly do factor into SERPs. The trick now though is more quality over quantity, and by quality this doesn’t necessarily mean high PR link exchanges. You also can get into trouble much more easily with links and not even what we would consider to be bad links either.

    The movement here seems to be more toward content and not just keyword stuffing and the like but through some factors that we don’t usually look at, factors that intuitively should rank one site higher than another. Building quality content is more important than it used to be for sure.

    King Cobra Poker

  5. LinkPopularityLinkPopularity09-29-2008


    I’m really glad to hear this; these days it’s as if the ‘real’ SEO’rs try to distinguish themselves by repeating over and over again that it;s not about PR …

    yeah, yeah, anchor texts, all true, but they then never seem to be willing to exchange an PR5 link for a PR0 link …


  6. DomekDomek10-17-2008

    Yes !

    The page rank makes all the difference. With higher page rank come status and ,what is most important, page views !

    So get to work ppl and bump it up.

  7. Canadian SEOCanadian SEO11-26-2008

    Well said. Page Rank is not the only factor but it is an important one that any serious SEO should understand.

  8. poker-bonusespoker-bonuses01-16-2009

    I could not agree with you more, and I am always taken aback when people insist on arguing that pr does not matter.

  9. AliseAlise03-23-2009

    PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be. Also, the importance of the page that is casting the vote determines how important the vote itself is. Google calculates a page’s importance from the votes cast for it. How important each vote is is taken into account when a page’s PageRank is calculated. PageRank is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page’s ranking in the search results. It isn’t the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one….thanks

  10. graphicdesignergraphicdesigner08-12-2009

    Ive only got a pagerank of 3 but I still managed to get found at a local level. I just write unusual articles to drive traffic and this helps my page be found amongst higher PR sites.
    I have no DMOZ listing yet but I think that is very important, reply? Matt.

  11. SEO HostingSEO Hosting10-09-2009

    I think that Google is giving PR to each and every site listed in it because there is some reason. Advertising businesses who sells advertising space for them google PR makes much difference. Webmasters are willing to pay huge bucks to get good traffic so that they can convert the traffic. Many small advertising companies rely on Alexa and Google ranking.

  12. omnibetomnibet11-21-2009

    well worth the read. thank you very much for taking the time to share with those who are starting on the subject. Greetings

  13. miere manamiere mana05-10-2011

    After last update algiritmi (Panda), I believe that the importance of PR has dropped even more. I think that it matters to have links to such sites, but if you do not know, are high PR ranked in the SERPs.

  14. Web CompanyWeb Company07-13-2011

    Yes Google page rank helps in a number of ways…..It helps to get the new content first when we have more page rank..and also page rank indicated how much importance of the page is that’s why the Google page rank is more essential.. Google updates page rank 6months once………..

  15. Web DevelopmentWeb Development11-23-2012

    Many sites I developed have 4-6 PR. But they are stay behind lower page rank sites or do not come in search..

  16. Even after 4 years of posting of this data, the answer is still yes, Google Page rank does matter, and is evaluated before ranking your content in Serps if you have a high page rank the chances of you being on top will be more than compared to your competitor with a low page rank.

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