10 Ways to Prevent Increasing Links

Don’t bother adding comments to popular blogs. It’s a waste of your time. You are about as likely to write anything interesting enough to drive a reader to your website as I am likely to shoot an Ansel Adams’esque windswept landscape, blindfolded.

Of course…

They just might like what they see, and tell others about you. *gasp!

You can’t risk it!

They might link to you!

If you take the time to set up a blog, make sure that the content is of no value to anyone. Just scrape duplicate content from other blogs and add a ton of spammy links. That way you can be sure no one considers linking to you.

Do not add quality content to your website!

Make sure it breaks in all but one browser. Preferably Opera: because nobody uses that one anyway.

Whatever you do, don’t even think about joining a quality ‘Webmaster Forum’ as the last thing you would want to do is become a valued member of any online community with your signature attached to your post and profile.

Though, if you feel the need to join, don’t bother with quality posting…

…Better yet, don’t even read the rules!

Just dive right in with ‘Mr. Obvious Replies’ and spam your URL all over the community in as many threads as possible with as much zest for ctrl-v as your fingers will allow. That way you can get banned faster and won’t have to worry about someone wanting to link to you.

Even curiosity can get a hit or two to your site a day and god-forbid if your posts lasted longer than the Windows Boot Logo. This way, they’ll all hit the Spam can and be assured of never being seen.

If someone is foolish enough to ask you for an interview after seeing the quality of your posts in the forums, tell them ‘No!’ immediately. You cannot take the risk as they will inevitably link to your site as part of the article. This can be bad news, indeed.

If after seeing your crappy content, someone is desperate enough to ask you to write a guest article for them, (it goes without saying that you would certainly never offer to write a guest article) turn them down. If the bar is that high then you haven’t been working hard enough and need to re-read this article. If they insist, make sure you do not add an author bio linking to your site.

It would be nuts to submit to a quality directory like the V7N Web Directory. Directories are like a phone book of the web. Why would you want to be listed with like-minded business people?

Join social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon? Are you crazy? Even though they use the nofollow attribute on all outgoing links, you cannot take the risk.

What if someone actually likes what you have to say, and starts paying attention to your post? What if they look up the URL to your site? Don’t do it! A few links might sneak through!

Co-Authored by Jay M. of OpticalDevotee and Cricket of CricketWalker.com

  1. VemblVembl05-04-2008

    Pretty good article giving a good description of most common excuses used by people wanting to earn money on the web and thinking that web is a gold mine and anyone can become rich without doing anything.

  2. mksouthmaydmksouthmayd05-06-2008

    Loved it, Cricket. My only problem is to remember that you are saying things in reverse. LOL

  3. GaryPMGaryPM05-30-2008

    A funny take on some core advice about link building. Thanks for sharing.

  4. King CobraKing Cobra08-31-2008

    As justice would have it these folks are hurting themselves as the search engines (Google and Yahoo for sure, and the rest don’t really matter anyway) are wise to this splattering and penalize sites for it now. You can now easily get into trouble with quality posts as well. I’ve run into situations several times where my site has had to sit in the penalty box for a couple weeks lately and it’s hurt my traffic obviously. You’ve got to pick your spots more carefully now which is actually why I’ve joined this site as this is a high quality blog.

    King Cobra Poker

  5. Thanks for your article, it is a good reminder to put the effort into link building. It does pay off after time, as long as one puts a bit of time and effort into this endeavor.

  6. mattamatta10-01-2008

    thanks for sharing.

  7. LOL great post, agreed completely.

    I am just learning about how much social bookmarking can help benefit me too, its pretty exciting.

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