On the Importance of Communication

For the most part, I’m not inclined to explain myself. If I do something, I know why I did it and if others can’t understand, or if they misunderstand me, I tend to think of that as their problem, not mine.

In the past, this attitude has gotten me in trouble.

In business and marketing, it can really get you in trouble. I recently saw a post by DreamHost staff making fun of their own downtime. At first, it was very confusing. Do they now know how offensive their clients find downtime to be? It seriously angers me when a host I pay good money to can’t keep their servers up.

But I’m sure they know that. They just didn’t communicate their knowledge of it very well.

In business, especially the Internet kind, I think communication is extremely important. Explaining where you see your organization going is important. Explaining how you will deal with challenges that arise, and how you plan to overcome challenges that have arose; these are important tasks, and fundamental to marketing.

Customers can’t read you mind. You need to tell them exactly what you’re thinking.

That’s my thought for the day, and one that is somewhat related to my post about Brand Management.

  1. bilgibilgi03-23-2008

    you are talking about an important point life. not only related with bussiness or marketing. i think empathy is one of the important think for a better life 🙂

  2. SEO CompanySEO Company05-05-2008

    Moreover, a connection in business with the customer means repeat sales, customer loyalty and stickiness. Most customers will stay with a reliable company where the communication is good even if others offer a better product.

  3. King CobraKing Cobra09-01-2008

    What we need to be looking at here is overall quality which involves everything related to your internet business. Given the nature of our businesses we may fall into the trap of thinking that communication plays a lesser role in the overall scheme of things or even in our success. Regardless of whether it may not be as prominent as face to face business, it’s still all about communication and in fact it could be argued that it’s even more important online since you’re at a disadvantage by not being face to face and you’ve got to work harder to communicate effectively. In the end it’s no less important and perhaps more important since it’s a lot easier for customers to take their business elsewhere with a few mouse clicks and a few taps on their keyboards.

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