Lawsuit Over Google Adwords Dropped

They were never going to win this.

American Blind & Wallpaper Factory Inc  agreed to abandon the nearly 4-year-old case against Google. The truce also stipulated that Google wouldn’t change its long-standing policy that let advertisers place ads tied to a rival’s trademark.

No company has successfully sued Google in this area.

  1. Pamil VisionsPamil Visions09-24-2007

    Any news with American Airlines? As far as I know they were trying the same thing but their claims were ridiculous, from my point of view.

  2. webdesigndavewebdesigndave12-03-2007

    That’s good. The argument goes both ways. Should I have to compete for a phrase I own? Should Google have to monitor this and loose profits in the process? I think Google should consider giving the trademark owner $.05 clicks for the top position, while allowing anyone to bid on a trademarked key phrase.

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