SEO Is Not An Argument

Or something.

I love Godin’s stuff, but he can talk some gibberish, at times.

One of my concerns about the misuse of SEO by marketers is that it’s largely about tactics. It’s easy to get hooked on constant cycling of this approach or that tactic, all to incrementalize your improvements. Big successes, on the other hand, come from arguments. Arguments about what you stand for. Arguments about big strategic shifts

I think he means strategy is more useful than tactics. A person almost certainly needs a strategy, but that strategy also needs to be made up of well executed tactics. Most SEOs I know see strategy as being essential.

As for “having an argument”, I’m none the wiser.

There are plenty of big game-changing, controversial ideas that end up as road-kill, and plenty of incremental refinements made to old models that result in game changes. I’d argue Google was an incremental refinement of previous models.

GoTo was the real game changer.

  1. SEO CompanySEO Company09-10-2007

    Well now most of the professional SEO’s make a good strategy for a better placement in search engines.

  2. webdesigndavewebdesigndave11-28-2007

    I think he’s suggesting that following a set of guidelines for every site we optimize hinders creativity. Based solely on the paragraph you quoted (I will read his article next) he is saying that we need to make sure to come up with new ideas rather than constantly applying the same strategy to every project.
    I personally read blogs and attend trade groups to get ideas. I dedicate my time toward learning what everyone else is doing rather than doing experiments of my own. It is a better use of time.

  3. King CobraKing Cobra09-01-2008

    Well strategy when it comes to SEO really is a sum of the various tactics you’ll be using and the strategy simply is to use the best tactics. Other than that it depends on what we consider to be strategy and what’s considered tactics. In the end you’ve got your goals and you have the means of achieving them and yes you need both the big ideas and the small ones yet many big ideas come from changing tactics.

    King Cobra Poker

  4. I believe that quality SEO is a wide array of tactics / instead of just performing one specific methodology to improve website traffic – you should take a multi-faceted approach.

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