American Airlines Sues Google

Looks like yet another case against Google Adwords, this time brought to you by American Airlines.

 “American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, has sued internet search leader Google for selling search words involving its name. The Web search company has prevailed in at least two similar US cases, including a lawsuit brought by auto insurer GEICO, but still faces trial later this year in California by American Blinds and Wallpaper as well as overseas claims

Once again, the argument will likely center around generic term matching.

  1. SEO CompanySEO Company09-11-2007

    Stunner for Google!

  2. King CobraKing Cobra09-01-2008

    Without knowing how this all came out, this is a ridiculous lawsuit. Google isn’t selling their trade mark they are rather allowing advertisers to appear in results based upon searches initiated by users. If this is a violation of their trade mark then having their marks included in search engine results themselves would be as well. The fact that this placement is being sold is legally irrelevant. AMR has enough to worry about without initiating these nuisance lawsuits.

    King Cobra Poker

  3. Funny I never knew this! Weird

  4. poker-bonusespoker-bonuses02-22-2009

    This is quite ridiculous. Probably their SEO failed and now they are trying to find a culprit.

  5. EffectEffect04-27-2012

    The effect of being able to buy up keywords mean that rival companies can do so to sabotage a company’s ranking on the search engine. On top of that, some even hire SEO companies to dethrone these companies and a cyber-war ensues.

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