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Google Doesn’t Own Your Content

If you’re using Google Apps, you might find the fine print a little curious, as reported on “I am a lawyer, but I don’t want to believe the words I’m reading and am trying to find an alternative rendering of the language to make Google seem less grasping.“ The passage in question is this: ” you grant Google a …

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Paid Links Must Work

“Paid links” is the topic du jour, and if you scan through your feed reader, you’ll no doubt find much expression of thought on the topic. To summarize, “Google are being big meanies when it comes to paid links”. On the flip side, Google’s consistent denouncement of paid links should indicate only one thing to the seasoned Google watcher: paid …

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SEO Is Not An Argument

Or something. I love Godin’s stuff, but he can talk some gibberish, at times. “One of my concerns about the misuse of SEO by marketers is that it’s largely about tactics. It’s easy to get hooked on constant cycling of this approach or that tactic, all to incrementalize your improvements. Big successes, on the other hand, come from arguments. Arguments …

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American Airlines Sues Google

Looks like yet another case against Google Adwords, this time brought to you by American Airlines.  “American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, has sued internet search leader Google for selling search words involving its name. The Web search company has prevailed in at least two similar US cases, including a lawsuit brought by auto insurer GEICO, but still faces trial …

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Yahoo Local Gets A New Look

All clean and sparkly, with a dark edge. What do you think? I rather like it. New features include better integration with other Yahoo properties, and more social aspects. “The Sunnyvale-based Internet giant has given its Yahoo Local a refresh in hopes of grabbing more of the billion-dollar local online advertising market. It incorporates social networking with life’s basic tasks. …

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