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Link Buying As A Litmus Test

An angry website owner recently contacted me, accusing me of ranking a web site above their own.

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The Myth of Outbound Links

Reading SEO forums is often frustrating. People suggest a possible algorithm element, and two seconds later it is accepted as fact. One of these unproven theories that is generally accepted as fact is the theory that if you want to rank for a specific search term that you need to link to “authority sites” on that topic. So if you …

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Best Advice I ever Received

There is a “Best Advice I ever received” blog tag thing happening. Sounds educational to me. Business-wise, a very successful mentor said: It’s not how much work you do, it’s how much you get paid to work.

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Threadwatch More Popular Than Mahalo

Here is an interesting Alexa graph. The green line near the bottom is, a site that is officially closed, however it receives more traffic than, represented by the blue line, which appears to have taken a nose-dive into the baseline. The red line at the top is DMOZ. To be fair, Mahalo has only just left the starting …

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Google Will Crumble?

Article in Forbes entitled: “If Trust Is Lost, Google Will Crumble“. The article reasons that Google’s business model is built on trust. If users’ perception of the company changes, its business perspectives and profits will come under threat. “Google’s rise owes much to its engineering prowess (the capacity of its PageRank algorithm to deliver the pages users want), but also …

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