The Purple Cow, by Seth Godin

This is a story of a young girl who recently moved to Paris, where she discovers her budding sexuality…

Oops, sorry, wrong book.

Most folks reading this blog have most likely already read Seth Godin’s Purple Cow (aff link). Aaron Wall first recommended it to me, years ago, and since then pretty much everybody in this industry has recommended it sometime or another. It’s one of the few “must-read” books, along with maybe four or five others.

This review is intended for those who have not yet read the book.

Be Remarkable

The primary concept here is summed up best by Seth Godin himself:

Marketers for years have talked about the five P’s of marketing. There are more than five of them, but everybody has their favorite five. Some of them include: Product, Pricing, Promotion, Positioning, Publicity, Packaging, Pass-along, and Permission.


The essence of the Purple Cow is that it must be remarkable. In fact, if “remarkable” started with a “P” I could probably dispense with the whole cow subterfuge.

The concept of being remarkable isn’t explained in a sentence or two. It isn’t about being good. It isn’t about being superior. It is about being on a whole different level from the competition. It’s about changing the rules of the game. It’s about having your brand dictate the rules of the game. It’s about stopping the old tired game of follow the leader.

More than just Purple Cows

The book doesn’t set about to expound upon just one approach, or just once concept. In the Purple Cow, Seth Godin touches upon several concepts related to marketing. Leadership, sneezers, niche, fads and trends, otaku, pricing, advertising, awareness, slogans and passion. One of the best aspects of the book is in Seth’s refusal to tell you what conclusions to reach. He leaves that up to the reader, forcing you to think like a marketer.

Case Studies

Case studies included in this book include: MacDonald’s France, Starbucks, HBO and Krispy Kreme, JetBlue, Motorola and Nokia,, Dutch Boy, Tide, Aeron Chair, LogiTech, Curad and many, many more.

Link to Purchase

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Purple Cow

  1. smaazsmaaz07-24-2007

    I heard a lot of good things about this book already – it will be one of my next reads!

  2. ukdazukdaz07-31-2007

    Hmm Paris, sexuality, wrong book… c’mon tell me I’m more interested in this than a book about a “Purple Cow”! 😉


  3. murrydanmurrydan08-02-2007

    Thanks for providing a link to buy, I’m going there next.

  4. SEO VisionsSEO Visions05-05-2008

    Nice case study and quality information in that book. Much of the information Aaron provides is still very relevant today.

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