Link Buying As A Litmus Test

An angry website owner recently contacted me, accusing me of ranking a web site above their own.

They had gone through the backlinks of a competitor and found many blog links. Thinking that they had bought links from V7N’s Contextual Link Network, I was promptly accused of being a defacer of the Internet.

My response:

First off, assuming is never good. You assume things and state them as fact and it becomes hard for me to take you seriously.

Second, the web site you refer to is not one of our clients. Those links do appear to be paid placement links, but they are not ours.

Third, the web site they link to appears to be a professionally run business in good standing. So what if Google ranks them above your site? What harm is done? If you think you deserve that traffic, what’s preventing you from buying paid-placement links and outranking them for those search terms?

The fact that you do not buy links makes me wonder about the professionalism of your business. In Japan, any business applying to incorporate had to have a large sum of money on deposit in the bank in order to prove financial stability. On the Internet, no such requirement exists.

Links have become a form of litmus test. Dot coms that cannot afford links appear to be shady, possibly here-today-gone-tomorrow.

Dot coms that have links are assumed to be the real deal.

Yeah, it’s a bit self serving, but it also rings true.

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