Domain Trust, Again

Domain trust has fast becoming the new green (bar).

This article nails it:

I still think in the balance of domain trust vs. SERPs chasing, the affiliate folks should lean a little closer to the known high converting SERPs due to the nature of that game. But for the definitive online audience builder, the smartest thing you can do is to (and here comes the obligatory sports analogy) stop trying to drive the green and start thinking your way around the course via signals of domain trust“.

Without trust, and without an audience who actually use your site, it will be dead in the SERPs.

That’s the way its going…

  1. Manish PandeyManish Pandey07-01-2007

    Yeah Peter!

    And we would always see it. There is nothing more powerful than anchor text + domain trust in SEO.

    If one follow this simple concept then they would certainly do a marvelous job is SEO.

  2. SEO CompanySEO Company09-11-2007

    Well domain trust + links is the best way to top the search.

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