Cut Through The Noise

I’ve been in Fiji on holiday. Bliss.

Back now. It is a shock to the system going from wonderful and warm back to cold and wet. It is also a shock to the system trying to catch up on everything that has been happening since I’ve been away. It makes you realise just how fast the search world is moving. Try it. Go without a computer for seven days – see what happens.

I got inundated with stuff. So much stuff. I subscribe to a ton of RSS feeds, which is only just manageable on a daily basis, if I skim read the headlines. After one week, the task is near impossible. “Mark All As Read” is the only option if I’m going to move ahead anytime soon.

We need better information management tools, I think. Or better processes. Or both.

Here’s one post that really stood out. Perhaps it was the headline. Whatever. Those 14 linked articles are all killer, no filler.

Perhaps all we really need is better curation. Thanks to those authors for sharing.

  1. JesseJesse06-26-2007

    That’s one hell of a headline indeed.

    I’ve read the anchor text of those links, and I think I’m gonna make some time to click on them and read trough those articles.

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