Sold for $5,000,000

Overpriced, in my humble opinion.

  1. Dave EavesDave Eaves06-19-2007

    Half the battle is already won with them making news with the domain buy. It is a PHAT name but like you say John I don’t know about 5 mill.

  2. bwelfordbwelford06-19-2007

    I entirely agree, John. Domain names are highly overrated. What counts is whether you can “own” the word on the Web so that you come up #1 for a Google search of the word.

    If can’t really do anything very surprising with the very best domain there is, IMHO, then I doubt the owner of can do any better

  3. smaazsmaaz07-07-2007

    They should also invest some money in the website. The design does not look like a $5,000,000 website.

  4. murrydanmurrydan08-02-2007

    I never push my customers to buy keyword rich domains, don’t get me wrong, It can help in a highly competitive niche. My web site is and I show up on the first page for Louisiana SEO, and every combination of SEO related terms + New Orleans.

    No, I don’t even show up at all for goat’s milk.

  5. WOW. That is incredible, I never knew that. Incredible

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