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I’ve been reading this search blog for a while. You should, too. It’s one of the best.

On paid links*:

This is all so silly, and it is all a consequence of the largest and most successful web company in the world refusing to yield to innovation and the emerging competitive marketplace we call the Internet. Come on Google, you’ve made a fortune selling links and controlling referral traffic on the web. Web publishers have had enough. We need to move forward. If you say we need links, we have to be able to use our currency to get them. Markets set the relative values of the various currencies, not Google. The days when Google could claim “good will” as the Internet currency are long past. They were flooded out by all those millions in stock option redemptions. You took the cash — why can’t anyone else?”

*John Andrews didn’t pay me to say that. I don’t even know John Andrews. Honest, guv’

Graywolf* also has a good take on the subject:

Google added a new section to webmaster central today entitled “report paid links”. How anyone other than me or quite possibly my book keeper know whether a link is paid or not is very questionable, but let’s dig just a little deeper shall we”

*Graywolf didn’t pay me to say that. I don’t even….etc…..

  1. graywolfgraywolf06-14-2007

    I’m wondering if “so-and-so didn’t pay me to say that” will become the “yadda-yadda-yadda” of Search 🙂

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo06-14-2007


    “He didn’t pay me to say it, but he did give a friend of my accountant some cash in an unmarked envelope, which may or may not relate to this or other business ventures, either now or in the future….”

  3. eagle58eagle5806-16-2007

    Reporting `paid links’ is dangerous in case get it wrong and someone’s site is penalised. Heard of complaints of google slaps affecting people’s sites where they did nothing wrong. No duplicate content, etc.
    If report Paid Links, someone could abuse it and use it to hurt their competitors.
    “What goes round, comes around.”

  4. juliemicahjuliemicah06-25-2007

    Sometimes it works and sometimes not depending on the site from where you linked.
    But according to natural SEO optimization, unpaid natural links are best.

  5. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo06-26-2007

    Right, but what’s a “natural” link?

    There are soooo many hidden agendas in the search world…

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