How Google Sucks Value From Content

Google’s self-serving moralising can get rather tedious, and it seems to me, it has got worse, of late.

In this thoughtful article, Johon fires back, looking at how Google sucks value out of the sales channel, without permission:

The monetization of the content involves controlling the distribution of the content, not just the distribution of the physical copies of the content. Competitive webmasters know that it is the search that engages the consumer. It is the search process that initiates transactions which yield dividends for all of the (authorized) players in the supply chain. The user searching for a book online reveals data about himself that has market value. The user clicking on clues in the process of finding a book online is initiating financial transactions along the way, as clicks are paid and links are bartered and ad impressions are delivered. Anyone publishing a free ebook can tell you that the value of that pursuit often exceeds the value of the actual ebook. And Google is taking that value out of the channel… without permission“.

Good or evil?

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