Search Engine Watch: What Were They Thinking?

Danny Sullivan looks back on SEW – and I do mean back. The post is tinged with regret, and who can blame him. It was his baby for so long.

What were Incisive thinking when they let Danny go? Will it go down in search history as one of the dumbest moves ever? Online tech media tends to revolve around personalities – so Incisive let possibly the biggest personality in search go into direct competition?


Not that anyone is irreplaceable, but the value of the Danny Sullivan brand, if you will, is significant.

I also get a sense that there is a bit of tension between SEW and SEL. Danny, diplomatic as always, doesn’t say so. Just a hunch on my part, as I read between the lines…

I’ve no doubt while both SEW and SEL evolve, there will be inevitable comparisons and rivalry. Rebecca Lieb wrote recently of SEW being the best site about search. I respectfully beg to differ, as Search Engine Land speeds along to be what I think is the best site about search.

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