Pyjama Army Bloggers “Destroying” Internet

I don’t know what the mainstream media is like where you live, but where I live, the media tends to mention the internet mostly in a negative light. Risk! Danger! Scams!

I suspect I know the reason for this. Old media is struggling to find a business model and knows a threat when it sees it.


Take this, for example: “Pyjama army” destroying internet?”

Millions and millions of exuberant monkeys … are creating an endless digital forest of mediocrity,” Keen writes in a new book…..”The price we pay for the growth in egalitarianism offered by the internet is the decentralisded access to unedited stories. In this medium, contributions by intellectuals lose their power to create a focus

Well, it makes a pleasant change from thousands of over-paid exuberant monkeys, namely journalists, creating an endless forest of (dead tree) mediocrity.

The fact is, most stuff is crap. It doesn’t matter if it appears on a blog, in a newspaper, or on television. The trick is knowing who to listen to, and when. The writer doesn’t give readers near enough credit. People can be, and are, selective.

Certainly, with the increased ease of publishing comes a tidal wave of garbage, but there also comes more valuable insight. Insight that might never have seen the light of day under a traditional media model because the economics don’t work, and the appointed “experts”, paid journalists and editors, act as gatekeepers.

And we do have “intellectuals” creating “focus”. We also have hacks reporting on Paris Hilton’s latest outfit.

Same as “not-in-pyjamas” media, really.

  1. John ScottJohn Scott06-06-2007

    Pass me a banana, please. 😛

  2. NofmeisterNofmeister06-19-2007

    I have to say, that commercial media is very sensationalized now. It may be the news media concern that the “pyjama army” may be the only hope for the general population to try to straighten what is now reported. Holy crap, the news industry may have to start reporting “real news” again! With the re-establishment of a non-biased, free press, what direction would our country be heading to?

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