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Marissa Mayer: “We Pay You $100 Grand”

100 grand is always nice. Marrissa explains how, and annouces some other stuff, at the Searchnomics Conference today.  “Google Gadget Ventures is a new Google pilot program dedicated to helping developers create richer, more useful Google Gadgets. Inspired by the success of iGoogle, which has been driven by the creation by 3rd-party developers of a broad range of gadgets, Gadget …

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The Lost Voice

Fookin’ Threadwatch is closing. That’s a shame. We need more edgy voices that aren’t beholden to advertisers. When the blogshere started, it was all edgy. Why? There was no money in it, so it might as well be fun. Actually, there’s still no money in it, unless a blog takes the shape of conventional old-media, or pimps something. Not that …

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Domain Trust, Again

Domain trust has fast becoming the new green (bar). This article nails it: “I still think in the balance of domain trust vs. SERPs chasing, the affiliate folks should lean a little closer to the known high converting SERPs due to the nature of that game. But for the definitive online audience builder, the smartest thing you can do is …

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Cut Through The Noise

I’ve been in Fiji on holiday. Bliss. Back now. It is a shock to the system going from wonderful and warm back to cold and wet. It is also a shock to the system trying to catch up on everything that has been happening since I’ve been away. It makes you realise just how fast the search world is moving. …

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Overpriced, in my humble opinion.

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