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How to get traffic from directories

As an operator of a web directory, I often field the question, Can I expect traffic from your web directory? My answer is always, it depends. Users Do Not Browse By Category, They Search Web Directories And as such, when you submit, it would do you well to understand that web directories do not index your pages. We can only …

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Google Trends Showing Daily…Trends

This is pretty cool. Google Trends is showing the top 100 search trends of the day. It only covers the US, for now. Provides a great insight into what people are looking for on any given day…. What’s “Google Smart Ass“?

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Google Killing Adsense Accounts

Well, some of them. It’s been reported that Google have been closing numerous Adsense accounts, and some people have been speculating it’s due to a new crackdown on arbitrage tactics. Without a copy of the email, it’s difficult to know for sure. From WebmasterWorld: ” know of two associates who were doing arbitrage and yes they got the same email …

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Quality Referrals

Here at v7n we like to track everything. Numbers are awesome for analyzing and improving every aspect of business. Employee performance, lead generation, lead closing, repeat rates, etc. Numbers lets us know what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to the V7N Contextual program, there are some interesting facts in those numbers. Quality traffic is defined by those numbers. …

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Seven Questions For ExcellentGuide

Folks often complain about the number of new directories on the Internet. For some reason, it is thought to be a bad thing. Some web directories are indeed worthless, but not most. The more web directories, the better, is my way of thinking. Anyhow, with all the new directories popping up, I figure t might be enlightening to take a …

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“SEO Doesn’t Suck” Shocker

Heh heh. Great link bait from Tropical SEO. “Why the Rest of the World Should Love SEOs“. “Now, I hear some white hat SEOs whining: but it wasn’t us! It was our black hat SEO cousins! To that I say: bugger off. Yes, we come in different shades and colors and types, but none of us wants to rank ‘correctly’, …

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