Matt Cutts Mostly Links To Himself. And Google.

Very cool analysis. Matt keeps the link love in-house. And sleeps between 2.00am and 7am. Apparently.

More interesting analysis of top blogs, and linking structure, here.

Engadget: So, here are the major takeaways:

  • Engadget is very big. Damn big, infact. I use too many infacts.

  • They got more about 100,000 comments in a single month by giving away, among other things, a Zune.

  • Cellphones and Portable Audio devices are the most posted about (and maybe most produced (and purchased)) things around

  • But, Engadget readers prefer to comment more on articles about gaming and featured editorials written by experienced industry veterans.

  • Of the top ten most commented articles (excluding the giveaways), 8 are about gaming. The remaining two are about the iPhone.

  • For the first three months of their existence, they got exactly 25 comments!

  • They post more about transportation than about HDTV

  1. LOL. That is too funny.

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