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Folks often complain about the number of new directories on the Internet. For some reason, it is thought to be a bad thing. Some web directories are indeed worthless, but not most. The more web directories, the better, is my way of thinking.

Anyhow, with all the new directories popping up, I figure t might be enlightening to take a look inside the mind of one web directory owner. I chose Roderick Coleman, owner of the heavily promoted

Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Wife, kids, where you’re from etc?

Good question, Mr Scott. I am from a small town called Mosses located in the State of Alabama. I consider myself very diverse and accomplished considering my age, only been 27. I am also a City Counsel Member, I’ve been happily married for 5 years with two boys, and have bachelors in computer science from Auburn University.

Q. What was your reason for starting and what do you hope to achieve?

After repeatedly buying products online, I discovered that most sites; after payment, did not have emails, phone numbers, or addresses to follow up. Most webmaster newbies; I think, really believe that the first page rankings on search engines are really credible. I create Excellent Guide to solve the internet’s biggest problem, “trusting websites”. Already knowing that search engines, with all there algorithms, they still lack the ability to show if a website is trustworthy or not. My goal for Excellent Guide and always will be is to acquire the internet’s biggest list of credible websites.

Q. What makes different from other web directories?

While most other directories focus on acquiring websites to add to their categories. We focusing on seeking credible websites that have important features like mission statements, company pages, contact numbers, business trust seals, privacy policies, and any other criteria that we feel makes a website credible. Another important factor that makes Excellent Guide different is the way we promote the websites listed in our directory. By placing websites from our directory on related articles in our article directory, we have discovered that this help websites listed rank better and produce more targeted traffic for them.

Q. What do you feel about the explosion of web directories the Internet is currently experiencing?

Well I always felt that it takes a unique and quality business idea to strive in this internet market. Simply following the leading is not the best thing to do. Take for instance, I remember when there were literally thousands of new hosting companies emerging daily, but eventually only the quality, well branded hosting companies remained. I really feel that most directories should focus on been unique, whether it be a custom script, idea, brand, or etc.

Q. What methods do you use to promote

Well, my main goal in promoting Excellent Guide is building a brand for helping websites increase their credibility. My best methods have been by obtaining partnerships from larger authority site owners and building real online and off line business relationships. We try to let people know that there is a real company behind the website, and not a fly by night business.

Q. Can you give us some indication of the type of traffic levels you achieve?

Excellent Guide traffic levels are pretty high for a one year old web directory. If I had to guess, I’d say, we are in the top 20 highest traffic web directories. 70 percent of our traffic comes mainly from direct links, which is our focus point. Search engine traffic is good to have, but we do not want to be dependent on it because it can easily disappear.

Q. How many listings do you currently have in Excellent Guide and how many to you hope to achieve?

Currently there are about 1500 listings. We constantly search and add credible websites along with daily submissions to populate our directory. We reject about 10-15 percent of our listings, but majority of our submissions comes from very targeted sources we have chosen for advertising and promotions. With Excellent Guide, I hope to achieve one of the largest comprehensive list of credible websites available on the internet.

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