Digg Hammered By Own Users Over HD-DVD Encryption Key

Is this the day Digg died?

There appears to be a Digg user revolt is in progress.

A digg-er submitted a HD-DVD encryption key. I won’t repeat it here – but hey – that code is going to be all over the Google SERPs pretty soon. That cat is soo far out of the bag, probably riding on the horse that bolted. After seeing the genie pop out of the bottle…

Anyways…Digg apparently withdrew the post. In response, the community has been Digging nothing but new posts featuring the HD DVD encryption hack. As of the time of writing, the entire front page of Digg is filled with posts referring to the code.

Just goes to show the downside of building value based on the wisdom of crowds.

They’re also wide open to the wrath of the mob….

BTW: DRM loses again. DOA. Actually, D.Before.A….


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