How to Build an Affiliate Site You Can Sell for $1M

Now that’s a catchy headline, eh.

But wait, there’s more…

Seriously, this is a very good analysis about how to value a website. And how to do the right things in order to add value to a website.

In the vein of Warren Buffet’s Advice to SEOs, I’ll admit that the following strategems have also served me well:

* Structuring sites so that the ads are the content
* Building traffic of visitors who are in the buying cycle
* Finding affiliate merchants who don’t operate at CJ
* Partnering with reliable, honest people whose talents complement (not overlap with) my own

  1. TechDukeTechDuke05-27-2007

    Why would one want to sell his/her Affiliate site, if its making good income ? I would not do that.

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