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Daily Search Blog Roundup, April 10, 2007

Blogging code of conduct proposed. A waste of time. Will be argued about for a while, then filed in the same bin as “Ethical SEO Code Of Conduct”. Digg traffic is a bit rubbish. Digg vs Google traffic comparison. Google push their “Advertise On This Site” program with a new ad format. Encourages your visitors to become advertisers. Interesting Eric …

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Something To Help The SEM Pitch

This article is about the value of owning domains, but there’s a nice, succinct metaphor in there that would help outline the value proposition of Search Marketing, too: “Fuel runs an automobile, TRAFFIC is what fuels the net. You can have a million dollar auto but without fuel it won’t be going anywhere on it’s own power. Same with a …

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Blogging Vs Journalism #4886754

I liked this so much, I’m just going to repeat it: ” Know what’s bad about paper? Paper’s slow. Paper can’t tell you that OMG Steve Jobs is pulling out the long-awaited iPhone on stage right this second. Hell, even TV couldn’t bring a bulky setup into Jobs’s Macworld keynote to tell you that. Yes, I’m one of those jackasses …

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Print Vs Google: Aggregator Cries Foul Against… Aggregator

No doubt you’ve seen this news item concerning a real estate magnate who has just got into the newspaper business: “It’s time for newspapers to stop giving away their stories to popular search engines such as Google, according to Samuel Zell, the real estate magnate whose bid for Tribune Co. was accepted this week“ The blogsphere have been largely dismissive …

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Five Reasons You Blog Meme

Here’s one of those blog tag games again. I’ll bite. Five reasons why I blog: I get paid to do so. Writing is a good habit to get into. So is research. So is sharing. Why not? I need to tag five people: John Scott Sophie Wegat Barry Schwartz Michael Gray Nick Wilson

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Google Optimizer – PodCast Interview

Bryan Eisenberg chats with Tom Leung about Google Optimizer, Google’s multivariate landing page testing tool. The interview is split into two parts. Key points: Lets your customers tell you what is best for them, rather than having your designer make assumptions. Won’t affect your Google search ranking, of course. Although Tom hinted that if you find ways to improve your …

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