To Be Paid Links

Michael “Five links for $100” Gray has tagged me in his dirty, filthy and despicable paid links scheme. Erm, meme.

I was even considering paying him $200 not to link to me, and stating, for the record, I wanted no part in it. But he said $200 was far too cheap for that sort of non-publicity, and I’d have to come up with a decent offer.

That gave me an idea. I think this marks the start of the paying-for-not-linking market.

Now, unless these five people come up with $500 bucks each not to link to them, I’m going to link to them.

To Be Paid Links

  1. graywolfgraywolf04-30-2007

    Hey Joey did Matt pay his no linking fee this month?

    no, eh well me and sum’ a da’ boyz’ are going to hafta stop by da’ plex and pay him a friendly little visit now ain’t we

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo04-30-2007

    Pay a visit to Capo di tutti capi for a sit-down?

    You crazy, Mike…

  3. dburdondburdon05-01-2007


    I’ve just woken up (I’m on British Summer Time) to do my monthly reports. I’ll tell all my clients about the paid non-linking scheme.

    Will being placed next Matt Cutts in the paid non-linking scheme reduce or enhance my standing in the eyes of the Google algorithm?

  4. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo05-01-2007

    I’ve cut the head off an (organic) chicken, read the entrails and the answer is…

    …actually, I’m going to need another $500 to answer that 🙂

    Or threaten you with another link…

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