News To Be Integrated Into The Serps

Google will be integrating the latest news headlines into the main body of search engine results when searches appear relevant to the news.

As Jim points out, that’s rather big news for SEO.

Well, SEOs who also run news-related blogs.

  • PROS
  • Having and maintaining a business blog will have additional benefits.
  • Blogs that have been accepted by Google News as a news resource will now have the potential to attain a massive increase in traffic when they appear in search engine results.
  • There will now be even more benefit to writing quality blog posts that are on the cutting edge of news.
  • Google will most definitely make friends with the Press conglomerates by providing extra exposure. This strengthening of ties may open up different sources of media-rich content for Google’s users.
  • CONS 
  • Having and maintaining a business blog will be more important than ever. Why is this a con? Maintaining an active blog requires significant resources.
  • Search result pages may now be longer and force users to scroll farther down to see the complete top 10 listings. As a result, having top 5 rankings will become even more important.
  • The future potential for news SPAM will increase astronomically. After all, these sought after rankings will be prime targets for spammers that don’t mind creating false news to generate clicks.

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