Remove Content From Google

Webmasters spend their time trying to get into Google, but there are times when webmasters want out.

Google has released tools for doing just that.

As always, the answer begins: it depends on the type of content that you want to remove. Our webmaster help center provides detailed information about each situation. Once we recrawl that page, we’ll remove the content from our index automatically. But if you’d like to expedite the removal rather than wait for the next crawl, the way to do that has just gotten easier

Google provide documentation on different scenarios, including, interestingly enough, content from a site you don’t actually own:

Requesting removal of content you don’t own

But what if you want to request removal of content that’s located on a site that you don’t own? It’s just gotten easier to do that as well. Our new Webpage removal request tool steps through the process for each type of removal request”.

Very interesting.

The scraper sites that have been “borrowing” content all these years may be the first against the wall.

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