The Log File Feedback SEO Method

One of the most useful SEO tools is your server log file.

Here’s a useful technique combining keyword research with on-topic content. The aim is to generate more traffic from search engines, and to create your own personalized keyword research tool.

  1. Ensure you’re tracking referral at the keyword level. Most stats packages do this, but if you don’t have this functionality, drop your existing stats package and get one that does. Google Analytics has this functionality, and is available free.
  2. Make a list of all the keyword terms people have used to find your site in the past.
  3. Take this list and extrapolate using semantic variations of the keyword terms. You can use commercially available research tools like Wordtracker (free section here). You can also use Google’s free Adwords research tool. Also try a Thesaurus.
  4. Use this list as a guideline for new topics. Try to create a page for each of the more popular or most relevant terms.
  5. Repeat.
  6. Watch traffic skyrocket.

This simple strategy helps create your own highly-focused keyword research tool. You’ll also cast a huge net by adding more on-topic content. Lastly, your site content will reflect what keywords your visitors are actually searching for, as opposed to what terms you imagine they’re searching for.

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