Google Wants Crazy Ideas

Google has too much money, so they want your crazy ideas.

Google Inc. looks for ideas that are “really crazy” when sizing up potential purchases, the Internet company’s top dealmaker said. `We look at everything very carefully,” Salman Ullah, Google’s director of corporate development, said yesterday in a speech at a meeting of the Los Angeles Venture Association. “The really crazy ones do really well.

Important to note that by “crazy” they don’t mean “stupid”, which naturally counts out most Web 2.0 ideas.

Google wants companies that can build revenue streams from their users, instead of buying firms with a lot of users that don’t bring in much in sales, Ullah said. `We don’t do traffic for traffic’s sake,” he said. “It has to be highly monetizable.’

Monetizable is the key, and I’ve been hearing this view being exposed from a number of places lately. High value is being placed on revenue, or projected revenue. Makes sense – unless traffic makes money, then more traffic is a liability, not a asset.

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