Daily Search Blog Roundup, April 10, 2007

  • Blogging code of conduct proposed. A waste of time. Will be argued about for a while, then filed in the same bin as “Ethical SEO Code Of Conduct”.
  • Digg traffic is a bit rubbish. Digg vs Google traffic comparison.
  • Google push their “Advertise On This Site” program with a new ad format. Encourages your visitors to become advertisers.
  • Interesting Eric Schmidt (yes, another one) interview. Bits that stood out for me were plans for the enterprise and how the critics have it wrong on YouTube (part of the value of YouTube to Google is that YouTube drives search traffic).
  • Why Google doesn’t impress Madison Avenue. Hmmm….I think it’s more likely that the rapid growth in online advertising, and decline in other advertising channels, will change the way Madison Avenue works.

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