Google Optimizer – PodCast Interview

Bryan Eisenberg chats with Tom Leung about Google Optimizer, Google’s multivariate landing page testing tool. The interview is split into two parts.

Key points:

  • Lets your customers tell you what is best for them, rather than having your designer make assumptions.
  • Won’t affect your Google search ranking, of course. Although Tom hinted that if you find ways to improve your customer experience and do implement changes, you can “expect this to impact positively” on ranking. Hmmm…..
  • You could use this to test for any marketing campaign, including Pay Per Action, SEO, PPC, etc.
  • The tool is designed for do-it-yourself marketers, although there is help in the form of service partners and Google support.

One question I have is how much of this data is Google collecting for their own purposes? I’d like to see a bit more clarification from Google on this point. If Google knows you are converting, and has your Adwords data, couldn’t this data be used against the advertiser in the form of higher bid prices?

An advertiser could always obfuscate conversion metrics, of course.

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