Misplaced Faith

Watching YouTube bloopers is addictive. I like to watch a few and have a good laugh before going to bed each night.

I noticed, most bloopers are due to misplaced faith. The kid who skateboards off the roof of his house, he has misplaced faith in his own abilities, or perhaps misplaced faith in the benevolence of gravity.

Some people would say that faith is empowering. I cannot disagree more. Taking charge of your life, that is empowering.

When I was 15 years old and homeless in Los Angeles, I had faith in God to get me back to Japan. I waited and waited and waited, and each morning I checked my pockets and was shocked to find that they didn’t contain a first class ticket to Japan.

Eventually I got off my ass, got aggressive and got a ticket back to Japan. I made it happen. And my determination was of the kind that says, either I’m going to make it happen or I’ll die trying.

Whenever I have issues in my life, I can pretty much trace the problem to some type of misplaced faith. Success is not something that happens to us as we patiently wait. Success happens when we grab the bull by the balls, hold a knife to his throat, and make it happen.

I think “faith” is the biggest impediment to success, simply by virtue of its widespread use. Website owners have faith in some higher being to give them traffic and conversions. Perhaps they believe that they have it coming. Perhaps they think they are good people, and deserve success.

Success at Internet marketing, like success at life, requires determination. Take control of your fate. Forget faith.

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