Website Optimizer Now Available to AdWords Advertisers Worldwide

This just arrived from Google.

Launches tomorrow:

“As part of our continued commitment to help advertisers make smart business decisions, we are happy to announce that the Google Website Optimizer application is now available to AdWords advertisers worldwide.

Google Website Optimizer is designed to help website owners increase conversions such as sales, sign-ups or downloads. This multivariate landing page optimization tool enables marketers to test different ideas for web page content such as different headlines, promotional copy, or images. The application provides easy-to-read reports that enable advertisers to see which variation resonated best with their site visitor.

It is a self-service application that enables website owners to set-up and run multivariate landing page experiments. Google Website Optimizer is a beta application that is integrated with the Google AdWordsâ„¢ program and free to AdWords advertisers. Advertisers can sign up immediately at
By giving website owners the tools they need to improve their website content, Google is helping improve the user experience on the internet as a whole. Since the beta launch of the application in October 2006, many advertisers who used Google Website Optimizer have achieved major results”.

  1. Bryan EisenbergBryan Eisenberg04-04-2007

    We have been beta testing Google Website Optimizer with our clients for months and are one of Google’s Website Optimizer authorized consultants. One client has already had a 5000% increase in sales. Often times, people need a boost to figure out what to test first so we published 7 free resources at . The resources include a getting started guide, a free webinar, an interview with Tom Leung from Google and even a WordPress plugin for Google Wesbite Optimizer.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo04-04-2007

    Cheers Bryan.

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