How To Use Headlines In SEO

Headlines are an important aspect of direct marketing. Much been written about the topic, and the research and findings applies equally well to SEO.

Obviously, the function of a headline is to grab attention.

In SEO, the headline can be used effectively in two important areas. First, the title tag can be formatted as an attention grabbing headline. This helps your site stand out amongst other pages on a search engine results page.

Secondly, it helps to reaffirm the headline by positioning it prominently on your landing page. This helps reassure the visitors that they made the right choice, and that they are in the right place. It helps, of course, to work you search keyword term into the title tag and the page heading.

Here’s a few quick ideas to help grab attention:

  • Mention News And Emerging Trends
  • Use Superlatives
  • Use Questions
  • Make Announcements
  • Offer Value
  • Offer Benefits

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