Daily Search Blog Roundup, April 2, 2007

  • Danny says it’s time for old media to start linking out. I’m applauding – so loud you’ll probably be able to hear it where you are sitting. Linking out is just plain good manners. Failing to link out is just plain rude.
  • Zoom.info is a business search engine. They claim they have launched the “first market ready semantic search engine”
  • I’m calling April 1st on this from Yahoo!. Since when is Gay Rodeo underground? 😉
  • Why journalism matters. “What happens when you have thousands of people wielding the power of the press without any shared principles or standards?”. I don’t think a “blogger code of ethics” is going to go anywhere, though. The co-called “blog problem” is that blogs aren’t journalism. Blogs are conversation, and conversation is messy, opinionated, and off-the-cuff. I liked Aarons take on it.
  • This is way off topic, but if there are any musicians/home recording enthusiasts reading this, and you’re after a fully-featured DAW that doesn’t suck, then check out Reaper. It’s free. It’s made by the guy who brought you WinAmp.

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