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SEO: How To Monitor Hundreds Of Keywords

John forwarded me this question, posted in the forums: “how do you monitor hundreds of keywords? Any ideas?“ [Puts SEO agony aunt hat on…] Why would you want to? What is the point of ranking, for any keyword, if the keyword doesn’t result in traffic? The way to monitor multiple keywords is to examine visitor logs. Then go one step …

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Are Newspapers Dying?

I like newspapers. I like the weekend papers. They’re big, and have magazines in them. Sunday doesn’t feel like a Sunday unless I’ve got newspaper sections scattered all over the floor. But the reality is that the internet is eating the newspapers publishers’ lunch. The classifieds, which have long been a source of revenue, have been eroded by Craiglist, and …

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Real SEOs Don’t Have Clients

It’s the theme of this post on Scoreboard Media. The question is this: if you can get sites ranked, why would you do it for clients? Wouldn’t you just put your own sites up, and make money by advertising, affiliate, lead generation, build-to-sell etc? I wondered about those two good questions back when I had clients. I couldn’t come up …

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Daily Search Blog Roundup, March 26, 2007

Google not building a mobile phone. Just software. So they say. Seven biggest Google mistakes. It’s difficult to tell if Google is another AltaVista, or another Microsoft. “Mistakes” aside, I think they’re closer to becoming another MS, rather than another AV. A company with that much money can afford to make mistakes, and still prosper. The Google Gadget effect. Use …

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Daily Search Blog Roundup, March 23, 2007

Google move some less important people to other buildings. Slow news day, obviously. “The highest possible signal-to-noise ratio is desirable in design“. Google Customized Search engines now allow you to show top search queries. Yahoo has appointed a click-fraud guy. Google unveil Plus Box, a + icon which allows you to find out more information about a search result. Highrise. …

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