Web 2.0 Spam

I got spammed today. By a Web 2.0 company.

I thought that was rather funny – using a Web 1.0 method (badly) to advertise their Web 2.0 training sessions – to me, of all people. I’ve been a little skeptical of Web 2.0 in the past.

I marked the message as spam. Usually emails featuring the term “Web 2.0” provide as much value to me as emails featuring “penis pills”. They’re pretty similar, apparently. A lot of wild, exaggerated claims, followed by nothing. Is e-mail spamming the final death rattle of Web 2.0?

The pitch is full of the usual superlatives and breathless invocation of the next big thing.

Don’t let your business fall behind! Over 1100 business and technical professionals are already benefiting from attending Web 2.0…events. Shouldn’t you and your team be among them?


Fall behind what?

According to the e-mail, Google is a Web 2.0 company. As is YouTube (currently being sued for squillions). And MySpace.

So there you have it.

Didn’t make much sense to me, either.

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