Real SEOs Don’t Have Clients

It’s the theme of this post on Scoreboard Media. The question is this: if you can get sites ranked, why would you do it for clients? Wouldn’t you just put your own sites up, and make money by advertising, affiliate, lead generation, build-to-sell etc?

I wondered about those two good questions back when I had clients. I couldn’t come up with a good answer. So, I bit the bullet, stopped taking on SEO clients, and dedicated myself to my own projects. And writing. That was a few years ago. It has worked well for me.

However, I can see valid reasons why some people would stick with clients on a consultancy basis:

  • Social aspect
  • Cash now, not later.
  • You get to see how others do business
  • There’s still money in it
  • There’s a chance advertising companies might wake up, and start acquiring search marketing firms.
  • Income security

Anything else? Why do you have clients?

If you’ve ever thought about going the no-client route, read the post. Also “The First Question You Should Ask Your SEO Consultant

  1. David WallaceDavid Wallace03-26-2007

    Some of us do both! 😉

    But honestly, it is something I think about often – If we weren’t ding SEO/SEM for clients, would we would then be able to devote 100% of our time into our own projects, creating much more income.

  2. SophieWSophieW03-26-2007

    Some people enjoy working with clients. Having said that I’d call myself a web designer not an SEO – even though I know how to rank sites.

  3. graywolfgraywolf03-26-2007

    I think you really need a blend of clients and in-house. Sometimes affiliate income can be a bit of a roller coaster ride, and taking client work can help even things out.

  4. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo03-26-2007

    A mix is certainly a good idea.

    And some clients are great. I find they teach you things you wouldn’t have come up with yourself.

  5. ToeToe03-27-2007

    If there is demand there is always supply. Farmers do not plant vegetables just for themselves, we leave in society where commodity-money relations exists. So it would be strange to ignore the opportunity to make money doing something that others can not

  6. oldschoolseooldschoolseo03-28-2007

    When I was with my first SEO company, we just never had the time to take away from the “client cash cow” to invest into building our own revenue streams. Looking back, (I think) I wish we had made the time; perhaps I would have never left the company.

    Next, is the issue of resources. If you are a true “SEO only” firm as we were, and have to outsource other aspects such as quality web design and development, you have to think twice before investing the firms money in building new revenue streams rather than into marketing dollars to acquire new clients when that is profitable for you.

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